More White Anting of Western Civilisation By The NZ Herald

From the Herald Editorial today-

If the assassination of bin Laden is a victory, it is a hollow, Pyrrhic one. If it is a triumph, it is symbolic only. And the world is not a safer place now that he has gone: there is no shortage of successors ready to do his filthy work.

Yep right OK, got that. Waste of time killing terrorists. All those people hung at Nuremberg? That presumably was a total waste of time too. All that trouble to send a message to terrorists that there are consequences to their actions. Self defeating says the spineless little Herald liberal wank.

With most of the Arab world embroiled in a struggle for democracy and freedom against despotic regimes, many of which have enjoyed US sponsorship, the geopolitical landscape has changed. Any exultation should be muted indeed.

Maybe this person, whoever he is who so frequently presumes to lecture us on such matters, could advise one part of the Arab world where “struggles for democracy and freedom” are ensuing. I see some despotic regimes being threatened and attacked by groups that will install similar despotic regimes. I see none fighting for democracy and freedom.

As for muted exultation- how despicable. This dirty little fifth columnist from the Herald would have had us kissing the feet of the Nazis at the end of world War Two. How can our civilisation withstand the threats it faces today when we are being constantly white anted by our mainstream media?

13 thoughts on “More White Anting of Western Civilisation By The NZ Herald

  1. “White anting”, you are absolutely right.
    This morning on our various MSM be it RNZ with lefty Laidlaw or TV3 with pillock Plunket this questioning and doubting about the circumstances/legality of the actions of that gallant band of heroes is constant and all pervasive.
    The methods vary,ie choosing to read listeners emails that oppose the action,or reading opinion pieces from someone at the NYT or BBC or just downright cheek, Plunket asks a fellow in Timaru “do you feel safer now?”
    It kills me that these clowns are taken seriously and that my taxes support this shit.

    Here’s kowtow’s legal opinion on the killing,taken from Cicero :
    Salus populi suprema lex esto. The safety of the people is the highest law.

    What I will say about the op is that Obama ,the Great Jurist ,is milking it to the max for his own benefit and to a degree that’s backfiring on him (not in the US). They were so anxious to take credit they couldn’t wait to shout about it.
    How dumb is that in a war on terror. Take the bastard out,interrogate him, then drop him out the helo.
    Meantime don’t tell the world,monitor the enemy transmissions,put in fake info, watch them fight it out among themselves. Watch which ISI and Afghan officials go to Switzerland etc
    That’s how you play the terror game. Bullet for bullet,life for life, deception for deception………
    We found lots of intelligence there…….why tell the world?

    Obama…”we buried him respectfully” = we fear your response.
    As far as Obie is concernedt his is about the next election.Nothing else.


  2. “As far as Obie is concernedt his is about the next election.Nothing else.”

    Absolutely and disgustingly so.


  3. Many NZ editors now talk out of their arseholes. They seem to think their rantings have some moral and intellectual standing amongst the great unwashed in NZ. These people have terminal political correctness. They now believe their own horseshit and think most agree with them. I can’t speak for all NZ but those I’ve talked to are happy Bin Liner has gone to root virgins. Perhaps the Herald should run a poll and just see how many agree with their precious editor. I’m picking embarrassment may be the order of the day.


  4. Red, off-topic but I’ve never head this lady (Brigitte Gabriel) before but I saw her on Sean Hannity show yesterday and she hit the right notes with her comment on how to treat Islamic fanatics, “shock and awe” in order to demoralize them.

    “Part 1” (~ 6 minutes)

    “Part 2” (~ 3 minutes)


  5. “With most of the Arab world embroiled in a struggle for democracy and freedom against despotic regimes…”
    That idiot line alone should disqualify this clown from ever writing for a newspaper.


  6. @FF: Love this woman. Wasn’t it Sun Tzu who said that in order to defeat an enemy yuo must understand him? Well this woman sure got that part right, while the wet liberal statist kept deferring his masters. He’ll be happy when Islam takes over and he can continue this dhimmitude approach until his throat gets cut.


  7. As for Obama getting credit for killing Osama…give me a break…Osama is himself a jihadi Muslim…possibly the son of Malcolm X…I reckon he had Osama killed off because he was jealous of Osama and wanted to be the world number one Muslim leader…


  8. Further to Keith’s comment at 01:37, one must ask the question, “Has any Arab [Muslim] nation ever had genuine Western-style democracy?”
    Power just changes hands from one corrupt Islamic dictator/regime to another. And I can’t ever see this changing in the future.


  9. “… I reckon he had Osama killed off because he was jealous …”

    Of course Muslims are just as happy killing each other as they are “infidels”, Christians, and Jews. Historically if they’re not killing the rest of us they’re busy killing each other – just another ordinary day in your average satanically inspired death-cult.


  10. ‘I can’t ever see this changing in the future.’

    How can it when they are biologically incapable?

    ‘Of course Muslims are just as happy killing each other’

    Just like animals. And yes the Devil is somehwere in the background. Obama porbably crosses his Al Qaeda-style Islam with some Satanic worship.


  11. Oh my.
    The Birth Certificate merely needed another typewriter in the office to do it and all is well…..careful you don’t get your very own tin foil hat, matey.


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