Utter BS From Bolshevik Bradbury

Martin Bradbury is a communist who is so far left he thinks the news media is a right wing plot. Actually, its not just because he is left wing that he thinks that, the real reason is that he is crazy. As one has to be to be a left winger. Left wingers cannot deal with reason. Their ideology is imprinted in their brains during their formative years and they are thereafter completely impervious to logic. They believe in superstitions.

When every objective study that has ever been carried out identifies the people who work in the mainstream media as far further to the left than the man in the street, Bradbury and other loons still imagine that Rupert Murdoch (for example) controls every editor and every journalist and every sub editor and every cadet journalist and over sees every word they write to ensure that it reinforces the global power bloc of big capitalism, big oil and big war mongering arms manufacturers and anything else you like to identify as a bogey man.

Its the Taniwha updated. Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter to the Herald written by Bradbury-

I’ve teased you about your conservative bias, bullshit Journalism and the impression that Steven Joyce sub edits the entire newspaper for a very long time now, but being the largest daily newspaper in this country, you are all we have.

The bunch of Progressives at the Herald would all take poison pills before they would allow a true right winger to write in their paper. Where’s Ann Coulter? Where’s Mark Steyn? Where’s James Dellingpole? Surely if the NZ Herald was Conservative we would be reading the edifying commentary of these erudite writers rather then the stifling extreme left rubbish of Matt McCarten or Kerre Woodham or the politically incoherent rubbish of Deborah Coddington. Bradbury’s claim that the Herald is Conservative is just delusional nonsense.

Bradbury goes on-

I’d like to question the appointment of the far right masquerading as right lite blogger David Farrar as your weekly columnist on politics. David Farrar is the unofficial mouth-piece of the National Party on-line and is a pollster for the bloody Government. Farrar has nothing more to add than massaged message points he’s focus group tested on the National Party Research Unit!

More utter lunacy. If Farrar is far right, was does that make TrueblueNZ or Crusader Rabbit? Bradbury is right that Kiwiblog is a lame arsed National Party propaganda device, but given that is true, how the hell can it ever be “far right”? In fact Kiwiblog is today controlled by David Farrah and (I suspect) a collection of secretive cowards who moderate the site and ensure that nothing that is too critical of National or John Key (from a right wing perspective) is ever written there.

Given that Key’s National is so far from that party’s ideological roots, and probably about the most left wing National Party that has ever existed, (as demonstrated by their complete failure to attack any of Labour’s socialist measures) how can they be far right? And how can David Farrar be far right in supporting them? Just utterly irrational balderdash. More from Bradbury-

That you want people with opinions is fantastic, and I applaud the widening of the political debate to include bloggers who are increasingly making their influence felt, but to hand a column over to the Government’s number one propagandist without any balance whatsoever is just not acceptable from the largest daily Newspaper in the country.

Even given Farrar’s slightly less leftward tilt, there is nothing like balance in the NZ Herald. The day I see Mark Steyn writing there, or Ann Coulter, or any of the hundreds of other real Conservative writers that exist in the blogosphere, it might be a start. Given all I ever see is far left garbage from the New York Times or the Washington Post, then the reality is that Farrar’s mincing pedagoguery on the very slight differences between Labour and National is just pissing into the wind, and it will do SFA to upset the outrageous far left slant of the NZ Herald.

Bradbury is a communist moron. That such a Bolshevik loon as he has so much cred with NZ’s mainstream media is another sign of how surprisingly far to the left the country has drifted, largely because of left wing media influence and the National Party’s abject failure to fight for what it purports to believe in.

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  1. Well said, Red.
    Of course idiots like Bradbury calibrate their ‘Political Spectrum Meter’ so that “centre-left” is in fact their “hard-right”, and anything further right simply doesn’t exist or register.

    Farrar becoming a weekly columnist at the Heruld only further proves he is anything but right-wing (we know he’s not conservative). But Bradbury, as you said, certainly got the “National Party propagandist” bit right.


  2. Agree with Kris – well said Red.

    I really don’t know how it’s possible Bradbury get so much attention. Really, he’s the equivalent of a 12 year old with ADHD who’s off his Ritalin. He jumps up and down waving his arms around screaming ‘Look at me. I’m special’, making the most outrageous statements that enter his obviously underdeveloped brain in the hope someone will pay him attention.

    One can only hope that Don Brash’s election as Prime Minister in November will be enough to make him jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


  3. Bradbury causes a weird reflex on me, within a split second of him apprearing on any media source I find myself changing the station with Superman-like speed…


  4. Bradbury should be in a prison – or if we are merciful – a psychiatric institute, not on telly. Hwe’s not only a commie but a secret Muslim IMHO if you look at what he says.


  5. Surprised you say this National government the most left one ever. Contrast to the Muldoon years; Key is centrist [only in the contrast].
    I recall in 1985 a visiting Chinese official declaring in amazement, “but we had more freedom than that!” ’85 predates Deng Xiapeng declaring wealth is good.
    SMPs for farmers; wage and price freeze; think big extravagance; limit of $300 send overseas; continuance {being Conservative of} Labour’s protection of privilege ~Licencing and Tariffs, spring to mind, and I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten.


  6. I am inclined to agree with Peter. Muldoon, as asserted by Lange, was said to run this country “like a Polish shipyard.” Think about this:
    i Muldoon had restrictions on interest rates 11% 1st mtge 13% 2nd mtge,
    ii Muldoon scuttled self-managed superannuation
    iii Muldoon conducted GWOs
    iv Muldoon decreed that all those of his generation who had lived through the Depression would never be needy again.

    Muldoon was more of a socialist than Helen Clark. He ran his cabinet by filling it with demented baboons in large part who were terrified of his wrath…Talboys, Falloon, McLachlan (pissed by lunchtime,) Air Commodore Gill (shell-shocked from WW1, who was the Member for East Coast Bays and when he retired there was a by-election won by Social credit ahead of …(drumroll) Don Brash!!!) Aussie Malcolm (still alive but sporting a ponytail) Peter Gordon whose mantra was “National is a broad-based Party” which means we’ll do and say anything for votes, George Gair, and Marilyn Waring who was a champion of leftie womens’ policies.(She would have been perfect with Clark, Dyson, Street et al) There were others who resembled a Muscovite version of Jurassic Park.

    Peter is right this National Party is a left of centre one but the Muldoon pre-decessor was a poliburo!

    It is interesting that as long ago as 1978 Don did not appeal to voters in the most blue seat on the Shore. He would have been quite young and sporty looking then as compared to today. I seem to recall he even appeared in a TV advertisement about a spectacularly unsuccessful finance company called (I think) Securitibank or something like that.

    Muldoon got one thing right.He refused to share a table with Mugabe at a CHOGM as he considered “he was running through the jungle spearing people this time last week.” Laidlaw & co were outraged.


  7. Bradbury. One of a select few that I wish I could have beaten to death with the butt of an SLR, back in ’81, when this was a real possibility…


  8. Ah. Muldoon. The Gang of One. Apart from his occasional wit, he ran the country into the ground. It was a competition between him or the unions to see who could wreck the place. He won by a narrow margin.

    As far as Bradbury goes, hey, show some love. It’s coming up to a full moon shortly and he can’t help it.


  9. Good to see some resistance to the dissipation of NZ identity in the leaflets Right Wing Resistance is spreading round Auckland. Stop the invasion!


  10. That first paragraph could so easily describe you (with appropriate substitutions) that it’s bordering on comic genius.


  11. Sinner: I don’t disagree, but, would Key have the nuts to describe Mugabe in the way Muldoon did? I think the basic fault with Key is his propensity to follow others. The tripe re the light-bulbs was due to the Greens.


  12. You wouldn’t be the Liarbore party (and therefore taxpayer) funded Bill who posts a semi-intelligible diatribe of lies and bile-laden propaganda at the stranded now, would you, ‘Bill’?

    KG got it right. Fuck off back to the cesspit (you call the standard) Bill. As usual, you added precisely nothing to the discussion.


  13. @KG and TGG. Nope not from the ‘cesspit’. I think that site is full of partisan morons who twist every issue to fit into there warped viewpoint. Just like here.


  14. Seems the luddites have figured out RB is incommunicado at the moment – so the trolling begins…

    Better give one of us Admin status RB so we can bounce these flamers…


  15. I occasionally see gooberman in the social spaces at work tossing about in his “free palestine” t shirts and chating up first years . That he is here to influence the young minds of our students irks me no end he has a guest editor posting here for one year.
    I wonder how much ‘balance’ Bradbury puts forward in his teaching practice? Needless to say the future of journalism is getting bleaker by the day if Bradbury and his ilk are all that is on offer as examples to aspire to, for our new students.


  16. You sure Kris? Today’s the 21st, maybe he’s been taken in the rapture, probably giving God a piece of his mind.


  17. Absolute joke.

    Bradbury after all these years trying his best still can’t make it as a frontline political commentator. Most of this can be attributed to the simple fact he is a very poor writer and rambles on TV like a crazy man.

    Farrar has developed from nowhere into a frontline commentator, his political leanings are moderately to the right of centre and worst of all for Bradbury’s argument, it’s not just the Herald that are picking up his talents for developing and maintaining an adult audience of people with an IQ over 100.


  18. Cactus, have to say I agree with you about Bradbury. He’s like the young grad at the company Christmas party mouthing idiotic bullshit in an attempt to impress the senior partners. His commentary is semi-articulate, semi-literate and deliberately incendiary. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is as blatantly fucking idiotic as he pretends to be. Except perhaps his ideological Dad, John Minto. Seriously, I don’t know why Whale would waste his time stooping so low as to appear on TV with Bradbury. Doing so simply gives Bradbury a legitemacy he neither deserves nor has earned. Bomber? Turd-in-a-flaming-bag is a much more appropriate epithet.

    Incidentally, Farrar isn’t a lot better. In the days when New Zealand was struggling under the iron grip of the Klarkenfuhrer, kiwiblog provided a welcome breath of fresh air. Nowadays, it’s merely Bill English’s propaganda factory and the vast majority of commenters are simply circle-jerk yes men. His demerits policy has been perverted into a mechanism to ensure any real Conservative commentary is stifled. The troll farm is now a place where the far left gather to exchange recipes with the extreme left and non-comforming discourse is discouraged.


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