Dry Retching as I Read The NZ Herald- (Memo To Susan Pepperell)

Its the Marxist moral relativity that does it. In almost every Herald article it comes down in a rain that is impossible to shelter from. I only read parts of the on line version. I shudder to think what poisonous propaganda gets drip fed into the heads of those NZers I observe sitting in cafes avidly reading the paper version of this hate mongering lying modern day Pravda while they slowly sip their latte’s and chew stolidly on their cheese scones. Do they know that while they worry constantly about the healthiness of their food, they’re getting a diet of mental poison from this posturing progressive socialist rag?

The same liars that brought you the Global Warming Scam, while they portray themselves in numerous freedom of information requests as seekers of truth and light, and who endlessly propagate the myth that grasping and greedy white European settlers (of Christian heritage) committed an unending series of crimes against Maori, and who couldn’t wait to label the Norway shooter a fundamental Christian when he clearly is not, now seek to promote the lie that the political/ religious ideology of Islam as promoted in the Middle East and Africa can peacefully and gently coexist within NZ’s western secular democracy.

If a paper in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia ran an editorial attacking Islam and praising Christianity, the mirror version of today’s Herald editorial, the editors would be flogged and thrown in prison and their papers shut down. If a reporter in the Gulf Times wrote an article like Susan Pepperell’s but seeking understanding of Christianity, the story would be rejected, and the journalist would be fired and probably blackballed throughout the Middle East.

Susan Pepperell’s puff piece is the usual Pravda-ish propaganda. She does not dare to reference the issues that really matter.

Radiya Ali has worked that out. At 17 she knows she’s a Kiwi. “I know because I wear Jandals,” she laughs.

Sickening whitewashing drivel. How about asking Ali about Sharia Law? How about asking her where she stands on homosexuality? How about asking her whether she considers the tenets of her religion to override NZ law?

Tolga Cifci, 20, was one of three men charged this month over the attack on Christian Martinez, who was allegedly lashed 40 times with an electric cable as a religious punishment under sharia for drinking alcohol.

Any questions about the above outrage (in Australia)? Nope. The Herald feeds us tripe about wearing Jandals.

But the Kiwi-Muslims in the Waikato remind us of the recent brouhaha over two separate incidents in which Muslim women wearing headgear that covered their faces were refused the right to board buses. (The drivers later claimed to be suffering from maskophobia, a disorder hitherto unknown to psychiatry and unlikely to make the next edition of the textbooks).

“Maskophobia” doesn’t exist as a psychiatric condition sneers the Herald, yet its a publication that never hesitates to use the word “Islamaphobia”.

The NZ Herald is a pustulating abscess on our democracy and our social condition. Run and written by unswerving hate mongering Marxist progressives it is at the vanguard of attacks on White Conservative Christians and NZ’s European heritage. All carried out with the cunning pseudo-subtlety that is the trade mark of the extreme left.

When psychopaths like the Norway shooter finally lash out, its the suffocating propaganda of a deeply partisan socialist progressive western media that is often identified by the perpetrators as the catalyst for their actions. Newton’s third law is that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, and an endless program of lies and propaganda stresses the tolerance of even sane and reasonable men. Its no wonder that it tips madmen over the edge.

6 thoughts on “Dry Retching as I Read The NZ Herald- (Memo To Susan Pepperell)

  1. Well said, Red, and spot on.
    The Cultural Marxists which inhabit our apologist and enabling lame-stream media are traitors of the first order. Pepperell’s article being a case in point.

    She [Rahman] worries about the rise of Islamaphobia in Europe and how the proposal to build a mosque at Ground Zero in New York ignited hatred. “Building a sense of community is the only way to stop it. I spend a lot of time feeling helpless but you do what you can in the sphere of influence you have. You just need to have your heart in the right place. That’s all it is.”

    I wonder if she pondered on WHY anti-Muslim sentiments are increasing in Europe, and WHY there was resistence to a mosque being built near the site of the greatest Islamic attack upon the West in recent history?
    “Building a sense of community …” – more like propaganising those too thick to do a little research that they might discover Islam is a death-cult. One which preaches murder and hate to all infidels. And that its ultimate aim is to subjugate the world, through murder, terror or immigration, that it might implement Sharia over all the world’s citizenry. Or that Islam’s stated goal is to annihilate Israel and kill every last Jew on the planet.

    Rahman hopes that when some of the girls move cities, other New Zealanders will realise these girls are just normal kids and that diversity in a community is ordinary.

    Normal?! There is nothing “normal” about those who have sworn allegience to the death-cult Islam and its homocidal and treacherous false prophet.

    There are 37,000 Muslims in New Zealand, which is about 1 per cent of the population.

    1% eh?
    Well lets look at some other Islamic percentages:

    Jihad by the Numbers

    Below two percent Muslims are well-behaved citizens and cause little apparent trouble for the host society.
    At two percent and three percent Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

    From five percent on Muslims exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. They push for the introduction of halal (“clean” by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves–along with threats for failure to comply (United States, Switzerland, Sweden). At this point, Muslims work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, or Islamic law. (England, Netherlands, Philippines).

    When Muslims reach 10 percent of the population, they increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris–car burning). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam, Denmark–Mohammed cartoons, murder of Theo van Gogh).

    After reaching 20 percent of a population expect hair-trigger rioting, Jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning (Indonesia, Ethiopia).

    After 40 percent you find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare (Bosnia, Chad).

    From 60 percent you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and jizya, the tax placed on [conquered] infidels (Sudan, Albania).

    After 80 percent, expect to find state-run ethnic cleansing and genocide (Syria, Egypt, UAE).

    From here:

    Time for the sheeple to wake up, methinks!


  2. “How about asking Ali about Sharia Law?…”
    How about asking here whether her clitoris is still intact? And does she have signed autographs of the Beslan perpetrators?
    Usless, lying, dhimmi.

    [edited as per commenter’s request] 🙂


  3. What really gets up my nose is the ineffable smugness and armour-plated ignorance of Kiwis, as they sit on their little Pacific island, awash with feminised PC tripe and welfare dependency. Convinced that they alone know The Way, and unicorns will frolic in the meadows and Jupiter will align with Mars when the moon is in the seventh house…..
    They have a big wake-up call coming and it’s going to be a pleasure to listen to the squeals and moaning when reality comes knocking.


  4. Excellent commentary as usual, Red. I’m sure it wasn’t too many years ago The Daily Mail and Le Monde were running similar puff pieces. I wonder if they’re regretting those same puff pieces now?

    i wonder also if New Zealand will be one of the destinations of “white flight” from Europe in coming years. Maybe it will, but only if the cult of Islam is kept below 2-3% of the population.


  5. Thats not Hamilton , thats Hamiltinistan.
    Also ,Susan for your information the somali girls who haven’t yet reached puberty that reside in Hamiltinistan DO wear the bags , seen it for myself the little girls are bagged at the age of being able to walk properly.Do your fucken homework you useless dihmmi.The girls in the article are very lucky that they live in NZ and they better realize they have more rights now than any of their brethren still living in the islamic shitholes they came from so they should at least try to liberate their daughters from the bag and tell their pathetic exuses for menfolk you arn’t cutting the clits , (probably won’t happen) .


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