NZ Pravda Herald- A Platform For Communist Propaganda

Is Richard Worth a suitable choice to be Monaco’s consul for NZ? Here is the latest selection for Your Views:

A question the NZ Pravda-Herald asked recently, and of course the “selection” was overwhelmingly against. Meanwhile, NZ’s favourite communist broadsheet harbours within its own ranks one Matt McCarten.

According to the Dominion Post,

Inland Revenue is chasing unionist Matt McCarten’s Unite Support Services for $150,750 in unpaid taxes after the department forced the company into liquidation last month. McCarten’s vehicle, which supplied administrative support services to the youth-orientated union Unite, was put into liquidation by a High Court order last month after the IRD pursued it for “failure to provide for taxation,” according to the first liquidator’s report.

When is the NZ Pravda-Herald going to run a similar question (to the Worth question) on the suitability of having Matt McCarten as one of its leading social and political commentators?

This weekend the ludicrous extreme leftist McCarten, in a display of startlingly arrogant hypocrisy, headlines his propaganda piece “Targeting vulnerable has no place here”.

A primary tenet of Marxism is that the middle class must be crushed between the twin millstones of inflation and taxation. The objective is to make them poor so they can then be exploited by the Communist nomenklatura. IOW McCarten and his ilk at the NZ Pravda Herald.

The left strive to make us all poor. They struggle to stop us from succeeding. Its one of the primary strategies they use in their goal to pervert democracy and bring about a socialist tyranny. A one party state. They know that for every person they can drag into the ranks of poverty and despair, there’s the chance of a desperate vote for Marxist Progressivism.

For McCarten and the NZ Pravda Herald to accuse anyone of “exploitation of the vulnerable” is such a stark case of rank and dishonest hypocrisy its almost enough to make one retch. (again)

But wait. There’s more-

Here’s a question for the editors at the NZ Pravda Herald and Matt McCarten. “Whose tax was it that the Unite Union allegedly failed to pay, and was there any “exploitation of the vulnerable” on this occasion?

It takes a pathological Communist shyster to propagate such partisan rubbish as McCarten dishes out every week. He does it with the blessing of his progressive friends at the NZ Pravda-Herald. That they can so blithely combine to print a headline such as heads McCarten’s column today is a measure of how deeply committed they are to the promotion of Socialism. Do not be mistaken about who and what these people really are, and their intent. They’re not at all what they posture as. Communists never are.

3 thoughts on “NZ Pravda Herald- A Platform For Communist Propaganda

  1. Is Richard Worth a suitable choice to be Monaco’s consul for NZ?

    T’aint up to Herald readers to decide that question – it is a matter for the lawful Government of Monaco to decide,


  2. We let these slimy left wing creeps off the hook far too often. They’re out there leading the charge for the left wing in NZ while dressed in the coat of respectability, When they are not at all respectable. The alleged tax dodger Matt McCarten works for them for chrissake.

    The current screeching for shutting down of dissent that you read on sites like Kiwipolitico and the Standard is subtly reinforced by the Herald writers.

    The whole political mood of this country is to a great extent shaped by the mainstream media and the mainstream media is basically a force for leftism. The Herald, The Dominion Post and (worst of all) TV One are all staffed by committed left wingers pretending to be centrists.

    The articles the Herald printed today were a result of collaboration with the writers on the Hand Mirror, one of the most vicious anti-Conservative far left sites on the web.

    The Herald need to be called far more often and far more clearly on what they really are. A bunch of lying cheating Progressives posturing as objective commentators. A closed shop of Gramascian left wing zealots with a few token centrist columnists who are just enough in number to combat charges of outright bias.

    Look for Conservative writers in their pages and there’s not one to be found. They hate Conservatives and they do all they can (within the bounds of their need for credibility) to attack and destroy us. Echoing the extreme left’s attempts to associate all right wing bloggers with Anders Behring Breivik is just one example. We’re far too tolerant of their deceit and cowardice. The Herald is our enemy. Its far past time we started treating it as such.


  3. The articles the Herald printed today were a result of collaboration with the writers on the Hand Mirror, one of the most vicious anti-Conservative far left sites on the web.

    I was off course tempted to leave a link to this interesting video of quaint Chechen custosms on the comment thread of that post.

    But being an uncomfortable fact it would of course be vanished fairly pronto.


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