If John Key Was As Honest As He Pretends to be, He’d Sack the Charlatan Nick Smith

Nick Smith, meeting today with Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus said:

“We shared with Mr Dreyfus New Zealand’s experiences of putting a price on carbon pollution through an emissions trading scheme and I welcome that Australia is now moving down a similar path.”

This is an outright lie. The ETS is not tackling “carbon pollution” because in the context of the climate change debate, no such problem exists. The idea of the ETS is to limit Carbon Dioxide production, and this is not a pollutant. That a Minister can survive in the NZ parliament while propagating such clear untruths (to try and back up his clueless looney scheme), is another pointer to how corrupt our political system is today. Just utterly disgraceful.

What’s more, watch and see how equally corrupt our mainstream media is. Not one will challenge Smith on this rank deceit.

John Key too is as guilty as Smith if he lets this charlatan stand before the NZ public and utter such lies. And of course there is more BS from Smith-

“The ETS annual report released yesterday shows the scheme is working as intended, implementation has gone smoothly, and New Zealand is now on target to meet its Kyoto obligations.”

On target my arse. More outrageous lies. Leaving aside that the Kyoto agreement is history. Just incredible. The guy would be drummed out of parliament in an instant if there was any integrity remaining in that institution.

9 thoughts on “If John Key Was As Honest As He Pretends to be, He’d Sack the Charlatan Nick Smith

  1. In fact the first casualty of “Global Warming” was scientific integrity, Sika.

    And this allowed 3rd rate (at best) scientists to be feted by the media as 1st raters, while those still old fashioned enough to believe that skepticism and triple checking before publishing your results with perhaps a tentative conclusion as to their interpretation found themselves marginalized at best or totally excluded


  2. It is difficult to understand why Key has a blind spot re Smith and the climate change garbage. It defies his reputation of being savvy in business.
    If Labour had half a brain, and it doesn’t, this is an area where the party could make credible inroads to Key’s support. Many voters, I surmise, who would otherwise quake at the thought of voting for Labour could be persuaded by a policy which in essence would rightly ridicule climate bullshit. It wouldn’t be enough for me to vote Labour, nothing would, but when hungering after votes, party’s ought always contemplate the otherwise unthinkable.


  3. I wouldn’t accept the common mantra that Key is “skilled in business”. Forex trading requires certain skills but I’m not sure you could transfer those skills into a business or political management scenario and achieve the same successes.

    Key might be good at minimising risk, but in terms of political messaging, he’s a complete washout. In managing his image with a misinformed and under educated public, he’s very good.

    Put him up against a political visionary like Sid Holland though, and he’s weak and ineffectual. Just what we didn’t need right now.


  4. Iv’e just finished browsing the 18 pages of bullshit sent to each Aussie home to make the populace here feel better about their carbon tax. On the first page alone it mentions ‘pollution’ 7 times.


  5. “On the first page alone it mentions ‘pollution’ 7 times.”

    Yep, liars should be jailed for fraud.

    Worst thing is Moist, you paid for it.


  6. juliar is so happy NZ embraced this carbon tax stupidity, she has at least one country to point to when she waffles on about our responsibility to shoot ourselves in the ass. if only key had been a real conservative, he could have spared his own nation and aided us in our fight against these socialists, shame on him.


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