Its All Going to Plan for the Global Left

Its all going to plan for the global communists. The social and economic collapse they’ve worked so hard to bring about for so long is tantalisingly near. The US, once the inspiration for freedom and independence for so many, teeters on the brink of a socialist abyss. Europe is gone. NZ is gone. Australia mounts some resistance but is under as great a threat as any nation.

How did the left do it? By Gramsci’s plan. By capturing our culture mainly. By placing their believers and their useful idiots in our schools and news media and entertainment media. But there’s another part of their strategy which commonly goes overlooked. Its basically the age old military policy of divide and conquer.

You thought the global movement against apartheid in South Africa was all about freeing blacks from oppression didn’t you? Wrong. This was just one example of the left’s strategy of dividing countries into small groups so the whole is weaker. Once the whole begins to fracture, the communists grow stronger. So not only are the forces against communism fractured and weak, the communists themselves grow more powerful. Witness the thug movement backing Barak Obama in the US, strongarm unions that have a free ride to the beating and intimidation of their opponents, and the courts, already politically corrupted beyond redemption, do very little to stop them.

Once society has passed the collapse point, the communists, who have prepared and planned for this day, and are the one organised and united force remaining, step into the power vacuum and by force of arms and thuggery, appoint themselves as government. Job done. The graphic below makes it all so plain. A country weakened and destabilized by a fractured political and social condition, split into many warring factions, is easy meat for the Mintos and Lockes and Obamas and their comrades. From MMP to homosexual activism, from environmentalism to multiculturalism, (for just a few examples) its all part of the left’s plan to divide and conquer. So few can see the big picture, and you can thank the left’s soldiers in the media and education system for that subversion.

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  1. Your divide and conquer theme is what I was trying to provoke others at CR to recognize.

    I used the idea that has been floated that once Muslims become above a certain small percentage of society that they automatically start to get pushy.

    So I asked where there was 17% Muslims but where there was no push. The answer came back, correctly, as Israel. Why isn’t the Islamist divide and conquer working there with the Muslims? Because the looney Left in Israel — and there are quite a few certifiable lunatics there — are kept in check even by the Muslims. How is that possible?

    Because the conservative nature of people for self-preservation overrules the Lefty control of the propaganda organs. There’s nothing quite like daily reminders that your borders are on the verge of being overrun by human-bomb murderers, useful idiots of cowardly Islamist madmen.

    But the point I was trying to get others to arrive at by weighing of the evidence was this.
    In the West there are no authorities who are willing to defend moderate Muslims from the Islamists that hide amongst them. So we won’t hear from them. In the early years of the Arab-Israeli conflict, any moderates who dared speak out immediately became targets. Back in those days the media actually reported on such murders, so I recall them. But in Israel they who stayed since 1948 have thrived like nowhere else in the middle east. They are not death cult nutters. In the West, the death cult nutters are firmly lodged in the Left. Since the Left is mostly in control of most Western govts (like Key is a Righty? Cameron is a Righty? Like Bush was a Righty?) the Muslims in those nations know what danger they are in. It’s little different here in Los Angeles. In the Black or Latin “ghettos,” it’s dangerous to speak like a conservative. Hell, I’m simply on borrowed time living in a Lefty dominated community for not being a hard lefty, let alone identifiable on too many issues as a conservative.

    This grew longer than I wished it to be. But it the death cult Left that is working to infuriate one people against another, kids against parents, husband and wife turmoil, and gender conflicts, and sibling distrust. The Israel experience proves that a govt that will honor every individual his internal security by honoring its part of the social contract will have a Muslim community that will not permit a violent wing to hide amongst them. (Switzerland with 4.3% Muslims appears to be another — for now.) It’s the “liberal” multicultural outlook that provides the excuse that allows the violence be perpetrated amongst the immigrant communities and leaving any moderate elements stuck between a rock and a hard place. I saw it in the various minority communities here in L.A. I bet you have similar stories in NZ and Oz. It’s the effing Left and the duplicitous “conservative” Statists throughout the West who’ve fanned the danger from Islamists simply by looking the other way even before they opened the borders to the floods of “refugees.” It’s about to get worse here in the U.S. when Obama completes his arming of the Zetas.


  2. Pascal,

    I really do think Israel is a special case, for a whole lot of reasons (some spiritual), regarding having quite a high relative Muslim population (17%) and yet not the same Muslim related problems when compared to other Western nations with much lower Muslim percentages.

    Firstly, I think your point that Israel is perpetually in a state of war with Islamist nutjobs all around her, both nations and smaller state-funded terrorist groups, has much to do with it. And I’m sure this does, to some degree, keep the Leftists in check as well.

    Secondly, and this is where I differ to your view, I believe that many who claim to be Muslim in Israel may in fact be, to use a Christian term, “luke-warm” Muslims. That is, Muslim in name only; they do not hold to all the tenets of Islam. My theory is that they can appease other genuine Muslims in the surrounding environs by ‘appearing’ to be Muslim externally. And by keeping their heads down they can remain onside with wider Israeli society. If they were in any other Western society these “luke warm” Muslims would, I believe, cast off any pretense of being Muslim and would integrate with the wider society of their new host nation.

    In contrast, those Muslims in the rest of the West are so because they CHOOSE to be. And hence we see increasing Muslim-induced civil unrest as the Islamic presence moves much above the 2-3% threshhold. This seems to be the pattern in ALL nations other than Israel where Islam has a growing presence, and is supported in the following link: Jihad by the Numbers. (I’ve linked to this before).
    The article also highlights Israel as an anomoly in this regard.

    My 2 cents for what it’s worth.


  3. The Romans used this tactic with there slaves, as Nationalistic uprising was harder if you created factions. The use of the graphs is bang on as well.

    Politics and elections mean nothing as the agencies of the state and media were hijacked by cultural marxists and feminnazis and multiculturalists long before it became part of mainstream political thought.


  4. I value your 2¢ Kris. Beliefs are often what we decide we can live with, what we comfortably accept, or to that to which we have resigned.

    The meme that Muslim’s must defer to Shariah actually challenges your “I believe that many who claim to be Muslim in Israel may in fact be, to use a Christian term, “luke-warm” Muslims.” The meme says that’s impossible. Those who believe it to be impossible are falling in line with the divide and conquer strategy that could not be more anti-Judeo-Christian. Prejudge the stranger? Decide he’s evil because he will seek to take advantage of your better nature that your religious teachings demand of you? Hell of a dichotomy. The difference is I do not see anything in our Western foundations that runs contrary to what Ronald Reagan said in another context “trust but verify.” For our current situation it is “trust but remain wary.”

    OTOH, we do know the history of the Left. We know mostly useful idiots. What we don’t know is who are the instigators of the Left. Some of the useful idiots are outright liars, believing that the ends justify the means. That it is OK to lie to the “ignorant” since you’re doing it for their own good. This also matches the teachings in the Koran: that it is ok to lie to infidels, because one way or the other you will deliver them to Allah.

    I can relate better to a moderate Muslim in many ways because of the nature of my agnosticism. I trust too little in the consensus recognized leaders of any religious institution to call myself a member of any group. But it does not keep me from studying and extracting those scriptures that advise us to act with decency.

    Decency tends to become so habitual once you practice it, that it becomes easier to recognize those who have an entirely different attitude. Whether it’s sophistic wealth and power seekers, or its deranged casuistic Sustainability worshipers. I sense the meme that ALL Muslims cannot be trusted is PRECISELY the sort of thing that Redbaiter is referring to in his post. He hasn’t chimed in, but he’s thoughtful enough to see that this meme fits that too well. It is the kind of indecency that the Left itself travels with (Alinksy rules are a perfect example) and it’s the kind of dog-eat-dog behavior that they’d inspire because it aids them so well. Again, Liberalism, even contemporary liberalism, is not Leftism. To be more precise, it’s far more accurate to think of liberalism as “good wishing derangement” at worst (feel-goodism). Whereas Leftism is openly sinister ala Alinsky and is dedication to Satan. (So maybe I oughta begin calling it sinisterims so there is no longer any confusion? LOL)

    And its been so easy for our despicable Leftists, owning the media and hiding behind liberal feel-goodism, to abandon the social contract. They have been declaring as racist any attempts by the majority to defend the immigrants from the monsters who hide amongst them and terrorize the immigrant community first. (That’s another thing — liberals have been inculcated to think that they are Leftists, when they really are the first victims of the Left. Lenin knew of what he spoke when he coined the phrase “useful idiots”).

    Neither your link or yourself have really looked at WHY the Muslims in Israel are different. I think its pretty clear that in Israel theirs is the only community that is not subject to Shariah law due to the Isreali social contract mostly working (despite their own effing Leftoids) and so it permits the human beings who happen to be Muslim to thrive like they cannot under Muslim law anywhere else.

    Never forget that the entire Middle East was either Christian or Pagan or Jewish before the rise of Mohammed. And it achieved converts by the sword. It is Christian to feel sympathy and wish to offer escape from what some may fee is a tragedy of birth. And in any case, to wish them to seek the truth — maybe not in the same way I am asking you here, but not too far different.

    After that, I agree that there is nothing in Christianity to accept treachery once you establish that someone is indeed an enemy. Christianity is far from a suicide pact in that Christ behooves those of us with the power to defend the defenseless. Most contemporary converts today are where? In prisons. Good luck not converting under those circumstances. And you know the penalty for being an uncommitted Muslim when the Islamists are permitted to rule. See again? Who is it that has permitted Shariah law to gain a foothold in UK? The Archbishop of Canterbury even gave his blessing to it. The best I could say for him is he was may have been told he had to if he wanted to keep his job, the Church having become an institution of the state in the UK eons ago.

    All our institutions are inflthrated by Leftists. So the social contract that might protect our neighbors who were born into that exotic “religion” is not under the disguise of obeisance to the recently discovered liberal principle (how conveeeeenient) they call multi-culturalism.

    Again I’m too long. But that’s what happens when I put off answering for as long as I have. 🙂


  5. corrections:
    “Whereas Leftism is openly sinister ala Alinsky and his dedication to Satan. ”

    “It is Christian to feel sympathy and wish to offer escape from what some may feel is a tragedy of birth.”

    “So the social contract that might protect our neighbors who were born into that exotic “religion” is not enforced — under the disguise of obeisance to the recently discovered liberal principle (how conveeeeenient) they call multiculturalism.”


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