Conservative Party- Farrar Leads the Smearing Onslaught

Not unexpectedly, the soft left National Party supporter and Herald columnist David Farrar leads the crowd in attacking the new political party The Conservative Party.

He attempts to align it with New Zealand First, who have been lumped with the image of a party of blue rinsed electric wheel chair driving paranoids who pledge undying obeisance to the diety Winston Peters, who is alleged to have defrauded the taxpayers of $150,000 or so in election campaign expenses.

While there might be plenty of good reasons to criticise Peters, Farrar’s main motivations are Winston’s public spats with Farrar’s then boss, Headmistress Jenny Shipley, a painful liberal nowadays creaming it through commercial alliances with the Red Chinese. But that’s another story. The issue here is Farrar’s attempts to portray NZ First as Conservative. Like Ronald Reagan? Like Sarah Palin? Like Alan West? Crazy right? That’s Farrar for you.

The National Party is supposed to be NZ’s Conservative Party. It has betrayed its own founding principles (see side bar) since being infiltrated and taken over (in its later days) by the likes of wet left wing liberals like Bolger, Shipley, Key and Farrar. They are not the National Party and those named afore should all have joined the Labour Party, not National. That would have prevented the Labour Party being taken over by Communists and extreme left Progressives, but that too is another story.

The Conservative Party is stepping into the vacuum created by the National Party’s betrayal of its core principles. I did the test. So did Farrar. I notice he hides his results. What was it you didn’t agree with Mr. Farrar?

I’ll tell you my score. 15. Like most such tests, you have to allow a certain amount of latitude. Not be too picky. I don’t really like the idea of Citizens referendums, (rather citizens should chose their representatives much more carefully) but its not something that would cause me to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If it wasn’t for the constant misrepresentation during election campaigns by lying socialists like Key and Klark, they probably wouldn’t be necessary.

I want assets sold and I especially want to disassemble SOEs, which I regard as a fascist stain upon our political and commercial framework. TV One ( a weird kind of SOE) would be the first one shut down. I don’t agree with “restorative” justice schemes. They’re BS. I don’t agree with a ban on drinking by age. That is a parenting issue. I don’t want any damn Royal Commissions. Nevertheless, I’d vote for the Conservative Party given that I pretty much agree with the rest of it, and there’s no other party offering those options.

I reckon give Colin Craig a go. He’s doing not talking. He’s fresh and he’s got unfashionable ideas. That sets him apart from trend following liberals like Farrar and Key and Goff and the rest. They’re yesterday’s people clinging to destructive and out dated ideas. That’s been proved over and over. Ignore their smears. Our society today, built by the Farrars and the Shipleys and the Bolgers and the Klarks and the Goffs and the Mallards, the real blue rinses, is a chaotic inwardly collapsing shambles. Time for a different approach. Long past time actually.

Edit- And for those who say the Conservative Party will draw votes from National and help Labour win I say damn good. Until National devises another election strategy besides making themselves virtually indistinguishable from Labour, and until they return to their ideological roots, then to hell with them. Spineless idea-less inarticulate losers and appeasers. They deserve to lose.

17 thoughts on “Conservative Party- Farrar Leads the Smearing Onslaught

  1. About time. But the website is hopeless.
    “We will need 500 members to enable party registration and so if our policies reflect your own thoughts on what would make a better New Zealand then please send back your registration as soon as possible.

    I invite you to join us…”
    Yet he gives no further links!


  2. Both National and Labour are commited to open door chinese immigration so there is nothing a new conservative party can do.


  3. Things are looking grim.

    Socialists have wrecked everything.

    Not as if we couldn’t see it coming. Wonder if a bit of hunger will wake the voters up.


  4. Y’know what I can (almost) forgive Farrar. He’s a wet liberal in the pay of Bill English. It’s his job to shut down any opposition (which is why he joins in the attacks on ACT and the Greens so enthusiastically).

    I still struggle with John Key’s Fellator-In-Chief, Adolf. He can’t tell me why Brash’s ACT policies of 2011 are shit when Brash’s National policies of 2005 were great (even though they’re the same policies). Does he not think National needs a coalition partner to the right, to keep the wet liberals like English, Finlayson, Smith (and yes Key) away from the Apartheid Party? Is he really that fucking blind?


  5. FWIW, I got 18. And no, I’m not Colin Craig. The only questions/statements I could possibly have answered differently (because they didn’t go far enough) were:

    “Community and family are the backbone of a fair and decent society. Government should support communities and families”
    Perhaps the statement should have read “Government should stop trying to destroy communities and families”.

    “That the 2014 election referendum should include the following questions …”
    99 is too many MPs (20 would suffice for New Zealand)

    “That New Zealand actively pursue economic policy that encourages farming (as the foundational business of our economy) and new entrepreneurial businesses (as future wealth generators and employers) “
    It is not the job of government to promote any individual, company or industry over others. Government’s job is to get out of the way and let people who create wealth, create wealth


  6. I see Cactus Kate has got her knickers all twisted too.

    It would almost be worthwhile voting for Craig just for the sake of seeing him make all the pain in the arse social liberals squeal.


  7. “Says it all really.”

    Heine is a typically uneducated clueless one dimensional product of the left controlled education system. Inarticulate, incoherent, dumb and only half educated, his only response to any challenge to his lefty liberal ideas is to call people crazy.

    What a basket case country when far left loons like Farrar and Heine are regarded as “right wing”.


  8. “What a basket case country when far left loons like Farrar and Heine are regarded as “right wing”.”
    Indeed. But can it be turned around? I have my doubts.


  9. I have done the test, read the blab and find Mr Craig’s infant party to resemble a cult of his personality rather than a formative agency of a new political player. (In a comment at Cactus I likened his promotion to that of NZ First’s.)

    Isn’t it time we grew past the left/right wing dichotomy and assessed parties on their core beliefs and their ability to adhere to those beliefs? How often are the terms left v right bandied about glibly? They are no more meaningful than “pinko” “tory” “liberal” etc.

    Having said that, and to apply the traditional terms, I would self-assess as a Conservative. My cause celebre is to find a party which will leave me (and my assets) alone! Which will provide a decent police force and military service. Which will not redistribute my earnings to losers and will not force me to contribute to a government which regards me as an inocme stream above all else.(Tall orders?)

    PS I just wish politicians would fuck off and leave me alone.


  10. Cadwallader said “Isn’t it time we grew past the left/right wing dichotomy and assessed parties on their core beliefs and their ability to adhere to those beliefs?’

    Absolutely. As it happens, New Zealand First had some excellent policies back at the beginning.


  11. “Wakeup,” What policies did NZ First ever have that weren’t shonky bribes?

    As a libertarian I perceive myself as removed from the aforementioned dichotomy. The extreme left and the extreme right (we don’t genuinely have either in NZ) would clamber towards totalitarianism and state control. What I hunger for is smaller and smaller government who’ll leave me alone. The Libertarianz stand for that, no other party even attempts to invoke this simple and gorgeous ethos.

    In Dunedin, we have today, a lunatic leftie student leader craving compulsion through conscripted student unionism, in all likelihood for his personal advantage, while we have a National government contemplating, albeit with stealth, compulsory super contributions, over and above the sums extorted through the tax system for the same reason.

    The above examples illustrate how both perceived ends of NZ’s puny political spectrum want the same thing: COMPULSION!

    The only legitimate roles of government are protection from external threats and the provision of a police force for protection from internal criminality. Beyond those roles they can piss off!


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