The Left Struggling To Halt passage of Voluntary Student Union Bill

Labour are doing all they can to halt the bill that allows students voluntary membership of campus student associations. Using sleazy tactics to try and ensure it doesn’t get heard and voted on in the time available. Of course. When would the communist scum calling themselves the Labour party ever vote for anything that allowed choice. Goff appealed to ACT’s Heather Roy today-

“Let’s try and find a compromise here that looks after the interests of students, that meets some of your concerns but doesn’t act in the extreme way that you’re recommending and I’m hoping that a bit of common sense might prevail and we’ll get an agreed outcome,”

Laughable lies. The only interests Goff is concerned with are those of the Labour party, and its customary strategy of forcing everyone else to pay for its activities. It is no secret that New Zealand universities serve as a vast training and recruitment system for left wing political activists and Labour Party members. They systematically expose all young people to leftist ideology, show them a community and a culture they can join, select out the most promising ones, and plug them into a network that can give them a political career.

Its the left’s misappropriation of compulsory student union fees that helps fund this operation. Goff doesn’t give a damn for students interests, he’s panic stricken about losing funding for his recruitment division. He’s just not honest enough to say it.

As for his allegation of “extreme”- was there ever a word more over used by these propagandising left wing thugs? Since when has support for voluntary action ever been seen as “extreme”. Only if you’re a communist totalitarian and would be tyrant I guess.

3 thoughts on “The Left Struggling To Halt passage of Voluntary Student Union Bill

  1. I cannot conceive a single principle which can counter the need (yes need!) for voluntary union membership for everyone. Not solely students. Goff’s lot wouldn’t recognise a principle if one planted itself on their leader’s brow.


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