Cowards, Appeasers, Traitors and Surrender Monkeys- I’m Talking About The “Right”

So today the chickens are coming home to roost. What some on the right have been warning about for a decade or more is coming to pass. Massive overspending by governments on left wing social initiatives has spawned a generation of knuckle dragging barbarians who have no understanding of reality, and now they are facing that reality, that they have run out of other people’s money, these barbarians are threatening to bring us all down. To drag all of us into the gutter where they dwell.

Across the globe, the social Armageddon the left have been planning for so long is coming upon us. How did this happen? I’ll tell you. The right have been defeated soundly in the battle of ideas. The left had the strategy. Gramsci-ism. Using culture as a political tool. Television has given the left the greatest podium they have ever had for their insane ideas, and they’ve sold them through that medium at a phenomenal rate. Newspapers too have become nothing but a tool of the Gramscians. Our education system is an abject failure producing a generation of illiterate fools who are easy meat for leftist misinformation, and then go on to introduce the same misinformation to their offspring.

Hollywood stars, the true leaders in the world of the chattering classes, are used to push the global warming scam. (just one gross example) They visit and fawn over Chavez and Castro. On the children’s TV program, Sesame Street, there is a move to “marry” Bert and Ernie, a male duo that appear on the show. For decades we have had shows that glorify big government and push every last insane liberal cliche possible upon the gape jawed morons who still can’t get enough of this utter bullshit.

Crucial to the Gramscians’ success is the disappearance of all memory of the old civilization and way of life. The older America of unregulated lives, honest government, clean cities, crime-free streets, morally edifying entertainment, and a family-oriented way of life is no longer vivid in the minds of many Americans. Once it is gone completely, nothing will stand in the way of the new Marxist civilization, which demonstrates as nothing else that through the Gramscian method it is indeed possible to “Marxize the inner man,”

– from “Gramsci’s Grand Plan”, by James Thornton.

But that’s not really it. I could see the plan. Many others I speak to could see the plan. The people who have to accept the blame for this rout of traditional western civilisation are the leaders of the so called right. Who for decades now have adopted the Chamberlain position in respect of the left. In NZ we had Bolger, Shipley, English, and worst of all Key, who wallows in the sordid popularity of a nation lost. In the US we had Bush 41 and 43. McCain and Dole. In the UK we had Major and now like Key in NZ, the worst of all in the UK, David Cameron.

We see it now in NZ in our own little blogging world where so many of the so called “right” wing sites make hay by continually kissing the arses of the left. Letting the socialists set the agenda again and again and again. And worse, joining with the left in condemning anyone who speaks the truth.

What we are seeing in the western world today is a combination of the left’s successes, but more importantly, the right’s failure. We have been led by cowards, appeasers and traitors who have betrayed our traditional culture and bought completely into the Gramscian farce. Not resisted it as they should have resisted it. It was there- sticking out like dog’s balls, and its still there, only greater, and still so many of these cowards will not acknowledge it.

The time to fight the left was long ago, but we can turn back their successes if we reject the leaders who have allowed them. That’s why in the US we have the Tea Party, and why the prevailing mood on the right is to reject the Republican and Democrat status quo. So must the Conservative leadership in the UK be rejected and the National Party in NZ. Our so called leaders on the so called right have been nothing but gutless appeasers helping the drooling beast of socialism as Chamberlain helped the Nazis.

Those of us who understand all of the above, and do not need it spelled out, need to intensify our efforts to escape from under the leadership of such a corrupted and cowardly force as the so called right today. It really doesn’t matter who they are replaced with for now, for they are only taking us backward anyway. In a steady state of retreat against the socialist hordes, the long time cadre of contemptible appeasers and traitors posing as the right has to be broken.

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  1. I am a big fan of the UK police blog inspector gadget. Today he posts an interesting video from Wolverhampton. Talk about the entitlement culture,it comes with a health warning.

    Reading the comments see insp retired at 7 pm.
    He mentions Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt as police targets in the ’70’s “rent a mob”.
    They went on to become senior members of Labour government. Wiki shows they were also targets of the secret service.
    Both were implicated in the expenses scandal.
    Spegel or some such German outlet had a picture afew years back purported to be Joscha Fisher (Green foreign minister). Fighting with a polceman in the ’68 student riots.

    Traitors is about the right term for these people and those who vote for them. And yes the “right ” has yet to find it’s balls.


  2. “I am a big fan of the UK police blog inspector gadget. Today he posts an interesting video from Wolverhampton. Talk about the entitlement culture,it comes with a health warning.”

    Just a damn coward. He knows those cops cannot talk back.

    The Police management are one of the biggest offenders in pushing the Gramsci modus operandi upon us. KG said it very well the other day, when he pointed out how we are vigorously prosecuted for some minor traffic infringement while the really lawless are permitted to do so much. Including riot on the streets.

    Thanks for the link. A good read.


  3. Good stuff. The Prison Notebooks have indeed become reality. That battle has been lost, but the war goes on. Too many think it can be won by elections, we need to become engaged in a long march of our own.


  4. Amen! to that. We have no leaders on the right, only spineless assholes who blow with the prevailing wind and speak through both sides of their mouths.
    There’s an army out there waiting for a general.


  5. “Too many think it can be won by elections, we need to become engaged in a long march of our own.”
    And that nails it. Perfectly.


  6. That idiot in the video has a point about them being like they are because of the way they are policed. Here’s an example – the Home Secretary, Theresa May, said ‘The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.’ Stupid bint!

    He needed to be cuffed, given a little ‘Rodney King’ treatment, and up in front of a judge with a bad hangover.


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