The Face Of Stupid

In a reaction that typifies the absolute lameness of the UK Conservative party, David Cameron outlines his carefully considered plan to stop the rioting. What is the best this band of bungling socialist goons can come up with? A “clampdown on social media“.

The Government and the intelligence agencies MI5 and GCHQ are in talks with mobile phone companies and internet service providers about how they might prevent gang leaders from co-ordinating looting raids using instant phone messaging and social networking sites such as Twitter.

Senior sources said that among the options they are considering are turning off mobile phone masts in riot areas or shutting down the accounts of known suspects when trouble starts.

‘When people are using social media for violence we need to stop them,’ Mr Cameron said. ‘We will not stop until this mindless violence and thuggery is defeated and law and order is fully restored on all our streets.’

So while the causes of the riots are so plain to everyone else, ie the incremental development of a Marxist culture within our society at the expense of our traditional culture, this dumbarsed loser Cameron, a traitor and a betrayer of the Conservative party, wants to “shut down social media”.

David Cameron, you are to blame for the riots. You and almost every other member of the Conservative Party. For you and your predecessors did nothing over the last few decades to turn back the onslaught of the socially destructive force that is leftism. You not only yielded to it, you embraced it like tongue tied brainless losers.

Doesn’t this moron read? Can’t he access Melanie Phillip’s blog? Or James Delingpole? Or Inspector Gadget? Naaah, he’s probably too busy checking the wet editorial in The Guardian or other sources of mainstream media left wing propaganda.

In the past, the way to stop looters was to shoot them on sight. Nowadays we have our Police Force utterly poisoned and sabotaged by Marxist doctrine not only deeply embedded in operational procedures, but also widely espoused by Police Ministers and Police Management, who almost all received their appointments not on merit but on how ready they were to spread the propaganda and implement the unworkable policies of the left.

Home secretary Theresa May proudly espoused the British philosophy of failure: “The way we police in Britain is not through water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through the consent of communities.”

The UK is a basket case society. The riots are symbolic of deep seated decay. It happened because the Conservative Party betrayed their founding principles and became just another organ of the socialist left.

Countryside Restoration Trust chairman and columnist Robin Page said at a rally against the Government’s anti-hunting laws in Gloucestershire in 2002: “If you are a black vegetarian Muslim asylum-seeking one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you.” Page was arrested, and after four months he received a letter saying no charges would be pressed, but that: “If further evidence comes to our attention whereby your involvement is implicated, we will seek to initiate proceedings.” It took him five years to clear his name.

( Read more on this kind of nonsense at Thought police muscle up in Britain )

Here’s a question for you readers. Do you see any other country where similar circumstances have occurred? Do you see any other party that has betrayed its principles and allowed the left to dominate? Do you see any other party that has elected as its leader someone who is merely more electorally saleable, rather than a man of principle and message and mission?

Pffft…., bunch of weak arsed treasonist surrender monkeys who have sold their country down the drain in their utter failure to take the fight to the global left. Now all they can think of to confront the results of decades of capitulation to evil is to shut down people’s cellphones? Sorry arsed losers and cowards. I despise them all.

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  1. It seems that very few politicians enter Parliament for any other reason than personal gain. So they all play the game to stay part of the club. The problem with this system, with democracy in general, is that you need a large number of politicians to have principles and morals and a desire to do what is best for the country. I don’t know if I can even think of one person that fits that profile in our current Parliament (actually I can, the brother in law of one of my close friends – not going to name him though). You also need the party to be interested in what is best for the country as well. Any politician who disagrees with the party is turfed or sidelined.

    At least in a monarchy you just need the king or queen to be good, and they quite often used to be, because they knew they were beholden to God for their actions and they knew they needed a stable kingdom to pass down to their children.


  2. Actually there’s a table somewhere listing the most preferred systems of government. A benevolent dictatorship is at the head of the list.

    Democracy depends upon two things- an educated populace and an informed populace. The left have taken care of those two items by destroying the education system and simultaneously infiltrating and taking over our mainstream media sources.

    We therefore do not have real democracy anymore, we have a perversion of that democracy.

    I had to laugh at a comment by Dalrymple (I think) I read the other day, when he said if you asked a modern day school pupil if he could do arithmetic, the answer would probably be “What is arithmetic?”.

    It really is that bad, and it is a crime that we and our politicians have allowed it to get this bad.


  3. Well, to be fair, arithmetic is an old fashioned word. I just asked my children if they knew what it meant. My 10 year old had no idea (but he’s working out Y+63=81 right now), while as my 14 year old, who is better at maths than anyone in his entire year at school (there are about 220 or 240 kids) thought it had something to do with maths.

    I have to agree regarding an educated an informed populace. Too much education is given over to professionals, including early childhood education, while as both parents believe their role is to provide a material existence only without actually being there because they’re too busy working. And too many believe the role of government is to regulate and control education (ie National Standards) without realising the more government control there is, the easier for the government to control what is being taught.

    Ok, now I’m rambling …

    I do believe it can be turned around, though it would take a miracle. Luckily I believe in them as well!


  4. Here ya go…Farrar in the NZ Herald: “David Farrar Youth unemployment leads to rioting attitude”
    I refuse to link to the cretinous lefty creep.


  5. The battle was lost long ago in the UK.
    There’s no going back once the masses understand they can vote themselves other people’s money and do that without a quibble. All parties then work at giving them what they want through tax or borrowing. “Get another job if you want more to spend” sounds Dickensian to the mob.

    There’s a slight chance that isolated quirky stroppy islands in the western Pacific facing bankruptcy or at least currency “union” with Australia (ie. using the AU$) will be forced by circumstances to modify their welfare state…….


  6. “Farrar in the NZ Herald: “David Farrar Youth unemployment leads to rioting attitude””

    A typical National moron. Playing by the left’s rules. Good to see he’s taking a break from bashing Glenn Beck.


  7. Cameron and Key are both moronic socialist feminist gutless wonders.These pricks are only in the game-so they can travel the world later on in life – speaking shit for millions of bullshit bucks, just like that masonic creep Tony Bliar and that Yank bullshitter side show Clinton dickhead.


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