Economic Reality Mandates The Dumping of “Environmental” Scam Artists (like Nick Smith)

The two paragraphs below come from an article on Town Hall by Paul Driessen, and I repeat them here because I feel they are a very accurate description of what is occurring with the so called “environmental movement” all over the western world.

In New Zealand we have numerous politicians infected by this fatal disease. Nick Smith of the now socialist National Party being one of the prime offenders. Smith has been handing out taxpayer money for years now to hand picked companies operating in the so called environmental sector. I’ll bet my house that not once (before the handout) has proper due diligence been done on these companies, the projected economic and environmental outcomes, and (after the handout) they have not been properly monitored as recipients of taxpayer money should be. Paul Driessen says-

Climate prostitutes, parasites and charlatans have been devouring billions in taxpayer dollars, year after year, plus billions more in corporate shareholder cash, activist foundation funds and state government grants. The laws, mandates, subsidies and regulations they advance have cost taxpayers and consumers still more billions for “alternative” energy and other schemes that send prices skyrocketing, kill jobs, and reduce health and living standards.

It’s time to end this destructive saga and, while we’re at it, pink-slip the politicians and bureaucrats who pour billions of hard-earned tax dollars into perpetual climate “research,” “education” and “environmental” programs. They’re actively complicit or have completely failed to perform proper due diligence.

Due diligence is the key phrase. If we ever get out of this nightmare, and return to sanity, Smith and his corporate cronies should face charges. Of course Smith is only the tip of the iceberg. The west is full of this bullshit. National’s Bluegreens (a faction led by Smith) are deranged leftists who should not ever have got within a light year of the National Party if it had been true to its founding principles.

But such groups are contaminating the political sector and corrupting our bureaucracy and corporate sector from Australia to Alaska and everywhere in between. Marching across the political landscape like a a plague of locusts, this movement has brought corruption and waste and destruction of jobs and economies throughout the west. All of it underpinned by a completely fraudulent concept ie, “the earth will die if we don’t do something”. A fairy tale like myth.

Paul Driessen says they should be given “pink slips”. I say they should be summonsed to court on fraud charges, tried and convicted, and given prison overalls. If sanity ever returns to our society, they will be.

Read full Driessen article- Climate Prostitutes, Charlatans and Comedians.

3 thoughts on “Economic Reality Mandates The Dumping of “Environmental” Scam Artists (like Nick Smith)

  1. I’d be surprised if one in a hundred of these stupid “green” schemes stands economic scrutiny or any real test of logic and fact. They’re mostly fake and fraudulent.


  2. Well, in Germany alone it was calculated that every “green” job created cost around a million Euros!
    It’d be cheaper and better for the economy to simply give every redundant worker a million to do with as they please.


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