Ex Palmerston Nth Lawyer Simon Power (now Justice Minister) Considers Signing NZ To Invasive European Law

The hopelessly out of his depth small town lawyer Simon Power, now NZ’s Minister for Justice, is well known for his support of big government concepts that attack individual rights. (example, capping spending by individuals or lobby groups on election advertising. See Turncoat Among A Collection Of Turncoats)

Now he’s considering signing more of NZ’s sovereignty away to a shadowy European Group, the Council of Europe Cyber Crime Convention, also known as the Budapest Convention. Overtly set up to attack “cybercrime”, the true intent of this group is to stifle freedom of expression on the internet. It is one of those groups that falsely promotes such concepts as “hate speech” under the guise of protecting minority rights, when the real intent is to silence those who oppose progressive politics. The convention specifies that –

“law enforcement authorities must be granted the power to compel an Internet Service Provider to monitor a person’s activities online in real time”.

A protocol of the convention requires nations to make “the dissemination of racist and xenophobic material through computer systems” a crime. It also makes denial or justification of the Holocaust and other verified genocides illegal.

One does not need to be a political genius to be aware of how easily this proviso could be perverted by a corrupt police force doing the bidding of a tyrannical government.

According to the Australian Legal Information Institute, when the first public draft was released in April 2000, it attracted a storm of criticism from civil liberties organisations as well as from computer industry organisations. They say the treaty is fundamentally imbalanced. It includes very detailed and sweeping powers of computer search and seizure and government surveillance of voice, email and data communications, but no correspondingly detailed standards to protect privacy and limit government use of such powers. This is despite the fact that privacy is the major concern of internet users worldwide.

Simon Power is a clueless political neophyte who will improve the NZ political scene greatly when he retires at the next election. Let’s hope he goes well before he has any time to sign up to this unnecessary intrusion upon NZ’s laws, and monstrous invasion of privacy. Not that there’s much relief in that. Whoever National/ John Key has lined up to take over from Power, you can bet he/ she will be possessed of the same thuggish big government mindset.

Update- You can read the TV3 Newsroom’s (and Dutch Communist and Race relations “conciliator” Joris de Bres’s) predictable applause of this initiative here- Govt moves to punish racists on the internet

13 thoughts on “Ex Palmerston Nth Lawyer Simon Power (now Justice Minister) Considers Signing NZ To Invasive European Law

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  3. De Bres is not a South African. He was born in Holland and came to NZ as a child.

    [R- Thanks mawm- updated.]


  4. Who knows how far these totalitarian pricks will go. A small criticism against multiculturalism could be considered an offense if they had their way.


  5. Sure, he’s your classic kiwi amateur statist who can’t quite believe that the populace can struggle on without his ideological input.
    Simon the clown truly believes the unwashed masses crave his direction……..otherwise the masses might embrace some ideologically incorrect position ……an OMG moment.

    Still, we endured the depths of national humiliation wrought by the cloth capped neo marxist class warfare Pommie Cullen,…….where is he now?
    Oops, the NZ Establishment has much more in common with itself than the citizen plebs.

    Doesn’t matter who you vote for, punters, you get NatLab


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  7. European electorates are beginning to learn about what their governments signed them up to when joining the EU.First it was an Economic Community ,now it’s a superstate where the political elite are hellbent on Turkish membership.

    The incremental loss of freedom and sovereignty as a result of EU membership is quite simply astounding.

    And now it’s here in New Zealand ,courtesy of a “conservative “government.Our constitution is very frail in the hands of these people and is in mortal danger.


  8. It won’t stop at alleged white racist (Hone was not prosecuted). So called homophobes will be the next target. If one opposes homosexuals adopting children or them pay surrogates to have babies for them you will be charged. The homosexual lobby stopped videos that showed the connection between homosexuality and AIDS or pedophilia from being shown until the matter went to the Court of appeal.


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