Claire Curran – Trouble In Soviet Paradise

Claire Curran has always wanted to control the language, and she wrote about this objective way back in 2006. Back then Muriel Newman produced quite a good article on Curran’s despicable communist trash-

The key message delivered in the paper is that Labour must take control of the language: “This paper is about Labour taking greater charge of the language of debate and discussion in New Zealand . It is called ‘re-framing’ and it means gaining (or regaining) the use of concepts and phrases that spark public and media interest. If you control the language, you control the message. The media doesn’t create the message, they run with it”.

This concept is, of course, the central tenet of political correctness, a mechanism developed in the 1920s to help advance communism. Writer and long-time commentator on communism in Cuba, Agustin Blazquez, in an article “Political Correctness: the scourge of our times”, describes it this way: “Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society”

The extreme leftists that now control the NZ Labour party started the blog Red Alert some time ago in an attempt to counter what they perceived as growing right wing influence in the blogosphere. It was a typical left wing snow job, wherein they preach tolerance and inclusiveness and respect for freedom of expression but of course its all meaningless crap. The usual communist double talk. They strictly filter comments with only those that buy into left wing concepts making the cut. For example, they will argue about how much wealth should be distributed, but not allow argument that suggests governments should not redistribute wealth at all.

Gormless Commie

Claire Curran

All over the globe the left are getting a severe beating on the internet. Because they cannot control it. Leftists can only win when they’re in control. When they can use tactics like ridicule, or proclaim its time to “move on” or so many other tricks and devices that excuse them from the burden of rational debate. (even run “anonymous” sock puppets under false flag operations to discredit the right, an especially cowardly subterfuge)

These tricks of course have a shelf life, and over at Red Alert, Curran and her comrades are learning that their use by date is fast approaching. Its why the left are coming after the internet from a variety of directions. They have been rebuffed so many times, but like rust they never sleep and will keep coming back again and again and again in their attempts to prevent real criticism of their stinking anti-human ideology.

Its now becoming apparent to the left that a shutdown of the internet is something they must have. They’re losing the debate badly and they can see the prize slipping from their grasp.

That is why we must be prepared for a new offensive from these totalitarian bastards. If they can’t achieve the control through their normal methods, it is highly possible they will riot in the streets and use force to gain control. Once they take that control they will fashion the blogosphere in the manner they have fashioned Red Alert. Proclaiming respect for freedom of expression while working to shut it down. As they do in China and Cuba.

Do not ever under estimate the desperation of these vicious political thugs. They will do anything in their obsession with power. Because we are winning, we are all in real danger. I repeat. Do not ever underestimate the lengths these bastards will go to. Believe me readers, the fight to continue speaking out against these suffocating totalitarian reptiles is only just beginning.

8 thoughts on “Claire Curran – Trouble In Soviet Paradise

  1. Absolutely spot-on! To paraphrase Nelson somehwat, nobody can go far wrong if they regard the left as the enemy, not the “opposition”.
    I’ve been banging the drum about internet censorship for longer than I care to remember, but few people seem interested. Yet the core problem is simple enough–if free speech is against the interests of the left, then the collectivists will come after free speech.
    Not maybe, not perhaps–they will.


  2. Unfortunately Curran is in one of the safest Labour seats in the country.
    South Dunedin. It is also one of the demographically poorest in the country too.

    KG,the collectavists are present tense coming after free speech. I am amazed at how far it has come in such a short time.We see examples here and there,as the cowardly ,left wing media,refuse to comment on it.

    It is dressed up as protecting minorities or religion and termed as “hate speech” or civil rights or even in preventing giving offence, but it is an assault on freedom and invariably the evil perpetrators are white or Christians that end up being prosecuted.
    Pastors in Australia,Geert Wilders,Mark Steyn,Andrew Bolt………

    Where are the protectors of traditional ,conservative values?
    But you know the answer to that already.


  3. Slightly O/T, but this is just too good not to share. From today’s Stuff News:
    “Prime Minister John Key told United States diplomats all New Zealanders have a “socialist streak” and they secretly thought he was a “natural politician”, recent Wikileaks cables show. “


  4. And a beautiful post it is. 🙂 That ought to be nailed up on the wall of every bloody polling booth in NZ, come the “elections”. (and yes, those are sneer quotes)


  5. I wondered if this woman had ever finished primary school. What’s in her head is similar to the way how a child thinks.


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