Herald On Sunday- The Naked Communist Media

I’ll take a bit of a plunge here and say most readers of TrueblueNZ would agree that the Herald, and especially the Herald on Sunday is a sad communist rag. APN News & Media (the Herald owner) has reported a first half loss for the current financial year, losing more than $AUS98 million to June 30th. Investors have been dumping the stock, with APN tumbling 12.4 per cent, or 11 cents, to a record low of 78 cents. Staff numbers had been reduced by 6.5 per cent across APN’s regional publishing business.

The Herald continues to put ideology above business principles and constantly pumps pure communist propaganda into the public debate while restricting argument from opposing political viewpoints to token offerings. This is not a policy that is going to endear them to true business people. It might be fine with crony capitalists and fake businesses relying on government largesse for their custom, but for those operating in the harsh realities of the real business world, the NZ Herald is just a scumbag extreme left propaganda organ they mostly wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

I have constantly advocated that businesses should boycott this mealy mouthed modern day Pravda and today’s issue provides more ammunition for this POV. Firstly there is the twisted garbage of the overt Marxist Matt McCarten, who today makes the outrageously hypocritical statement that “any ruler, whatever their political colours, who orders the shooting of unarmed protesters loses all moral authority.”

This is how communists work. There is no level of outrage or distortion or lying that shames them. Here McCarten seeks to convey his disapproval of “shooting unarmed protesters”. There is not a reader of this blog that does not know that McCarten’s political cronies worship violence. Mao said all political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Che Guevera, whom McCarten praises in earlier part of his opinon piece, was a savage and pathological mass murderer.

Have we ever heard a harsh word from McCarten about Fidel Castro, who rules by fear and has hundred of peaceful protesters (from a purposefully disarmed populace) rotting in his dungeons? The history of the political movement McCarten belongs to is written in the blood of the hundred of millions of innocent unarmed citizens it has killed over the last century. Its a disgrace that a mainstream newspaper would give space to someone so openly allied to such a murderous movement.

Then there is the editorial. Another sappy communist propaganda piece full of standard leftist dogma and attacking the two surgeons who took legal action to test recently enacted legislation that reduced their income to that of a third tier public servant.

Funny that. Has the Herald ever said anything about McCarten and his Unite union paying their fair share? Apparently its OK for a stinking Herald communist columnist to (allegedly 🙂 ) commit tax evasion, but if you’re a skilled surgeon who’s just has a few hundred thousand stolen by another communist, Mikey Cullen, you should be subject to allegations of greed and selfishness.

Another of the Herald on Sunday’s resident communist propagandists is Kerre Woodham, who took her holidays in Cuba a few years ago and returned with fulsome praise of the country. Did Woodham seek out the prisoners in Castro’s dungeons and offer them hope and support? No, she cravenly joined so many others of her cultural Marxist friends in the media in propping up this totalitarian dictator by endorsing him with false legitimacy.

In one column today she criticizes the jail sentence handed out to a juvenile tagger. That’s right Miss Woodham. Its only private property the tagger is attacking and the law is protecting. They’ve obviously got it completely wrong.

In another column Woodham expresses enthusiastic support for the editorial team’s attack on the surgeons, using the same fallacious left wing arguments used by her bosses. “The rich are not paying their fair share.”

As usual the left have it arse about face. The problem is not that the rich are not paying enough. (According to the editorial, the surgeons now pay $500,000 to $700,000 per annum). The two main factors in our economic decline are quite simple-

1) The cost of government is far to high. (probably by about $40 billion at least)

2) Those who are dependent on government do not pay the premium they should.

The real problem is that those receiving government services do not pay enough. They have no skin in the game, and can therefore continually bleat for greater government and increased expenditure without it affecting them. Or so they perceive.

And that friends is the real crux. That McCarten and Woodham and their political cronies at the Herald keep exploiting this incorrect perception, using it as a means to political power and to hell with the destruction of the independence and self reliance of the citizenry. Let’s make them all mind numbed drudges working the greater part of their lives to support a grasping greedy for power state.

John Key may have had part of a point when he said NZers have a socialist streak. Its because of the influence of shameless soviet propaganda outlets like the Herald.

The Herald is on shakey financial ground at the moment. I don’t drink much, but I’ll get pissed off my face the day this disgusting bunch of cruel liars and desperate propagandists breathes its last.

9 thoughts on “Herald On Sunday- The Naked Communist Media

  1. Reference the 2 surgeons. the first and only sensible thing I heard about them was on Jim Moras on Thursday,not from Jim or God forbid the panel but from a tax expert. Prior to that you’d swear these guys had stolen from the poor box at the back of the Church. Have a listen from 1607,and not before because Minto is on and I wouldn’t want to uset anyone,And on that subject ,doesn’t RNZ pick em. That’s all part of the problem as you point out Redbaiter,we just can’t get past the inherent bias in our so called MSM.


    It’s 1607 in on part one of the panel.


  2. I read in the Herald-Sun this very morning that Fairfax had another bad year with readership of the SMH and The Age down another 5-6%.


  3. Thanks for that link Kowtow. I never listen to RNZ and now I know why. What a bunch of goons Trotter et al are, and made to look even more stupid by the tax expert, who sliced their braindead ideologically driven attempts at analysis into little pieces.

    Next things these dumbo commies will be moaning because there are no surgeons in the country.

    Leaving aside its a ruling that will effect every contractor in the country.


  4. Tony O’Reilly’s APN News & Media owns The NZ Herald and the Herald on Sunday.
    The Dominion Post and The Press are owned by Fairfax.


  5. On the subject of tax, there was a time not long ago when tax avoidance was lawful, that is it was lawful to arrange your affairs to minimise the amount of tax you were legally required to pay, but not tax evasion, that is not paying tax you were legally required to pay. However as a result of the efforts by the IRD and rulings by the High Court and now the Supreme Court the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion has disappeared.


  6. Hi RB , the Herald is always telling their loyal ‘readers’ that ‘we have increased our readership by thousands and thousands of readers and we are now the most widley read and most respectible newspaper in the southern hemisphere! won so many awards and employ the most dedicated journolists.(BULLSHIT ASSHOLES!).
    So , without getting too ranty , as for matt mcku-tn , look matt , stop the steroid treatments , go home and deflate yourself and DIE already!:)


  7. Is that all, George? Just “die”? Couldn’t we kinda..you know..stretch it out a little? A lot even, and sell tickets to feed the starving in Ekatahuna?


  8. Hi KG , I’m going easy on the POS, cause he is after all a family guy and he is loved by people who are obliged to love him.In a perfect world i’d have to say somthing like , You hippocritical peice of marxist , commie wastse of human flesh i.m gonna piss on ya grave , you business destroying, family hating , hone-muthafuki’n loving sue bradford assliki’n…..feed your eyes to tama iti , Fy!.Thank you:)


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