Would You Get Away With Firing a Shotgun at a Rugby Match?

The Dominion Post reports-

Mongrel Mob members fired a shotgun into a crowd after a rugby match at Wairoa in what police have called “yet another cowardly gang shooting” in the town. Detective sergeant John McCarthy said about 100 people watched a team from Raupunga play Wairoa-based team Tapuwai at Wairoa’s Lambton Square on Saturday. But when the match ended a ute-load of about six Mongrel Mob members and associates arrived. Two large patched members leapt from the ute and chased a youth before being stopped by others at the park. After that a man on the back of the ute fired several shots into the air and two or three shots into the crowd. About five shots were fired from the shotgun, McCarthy said.

Where the hell are the SWAT teams? Where’s “Crusher Collins”. How often do we read of these heroic SWAT teams sealing off an area and arresting someone for possessing a toy gun, or an airgun or some other such relatively harmless device.

In a time when if a white man breaks the speed limit by more than 11 kph, he’s going to get ticketed and fined and hounded until he pays the fine and maybe even lose his license on the points system, how the damn hell can some Maori gang scum fire a shotgun into a rugby crowd and escape arrest?

What about the onslaught against “boy racers”? Annoying pricks occasionally to be sure, but the cops came down on them pretty hard. Why can’t they adopt the same methods with these damn Black Power crims? Anything to do with the majority of boy racers being callow little middle class white boys??

These damn cowardly cops, (mainly in management) make a habit of strictly enforcing the law where law abiding citizens are concerned, but apparently in Wairoa someone can drive onto a football field and fire five shots from a shotgun and get clean away with it.

I say again, where are the damn SWAT teams? Seems they could do some good being posted up there for a while. Or is it just too hard, and being managed by politically correct reverse racist feminazis, they’d much rather deal with drunk or disturbed lone white men armed with knives and slug guns.

Weak as piss. Get up there and deal with those lawless bastards you hopeless losers.

6 thoughts on “Would You Get Away With Firing a Shotgun at a Rugby Match?

  1. Sadly the New Zealand police are weak gutted culturally sensitive namby pamby revenue gatherers. The feminist controlled keystone cops are a disgrace to manhood. What kind of justice system would let Tāme Iti fire a shotgun into a New Zealand flag in close proximity to innocent people? Crusher Collins is yet blowhard bitch that just turns another blind eye to the dangerous actions of out of control savages. Big tough Crusher and her thick keystone bullies just love bashing up young boy racers; however these same cowards never beat up a gang member. The next time a pathetic cop stops you for a compulsory breath test please ask her if she has ever arrested a black gang member. Yeah right these cops are two faced filth that don’t deserve any respect whatsoever.
    I must ask the sinister double standard government how come they can justify in spending a couple of million persecuting me when they can’t be bothered calling team police in this incident? Hey twisted judge; how many years would you give me if I blasted a few rounds at a rugger game? 7 or 8 years! Yeah right you corrupt sods make me vomit. The law is so dysfunctional it’s dangerous.
    This country is fucked.


  2. There’s really nothing to add to what dad4justice says. All of it true.
    The NZ police “service” is an effing disgrace.


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  4. Yep, and consider that’s just the way the great majority of the NZ populace wants it, or they wouldn’t vote for NatLab.


  5. If it hadda been a white power skinhead at a Somali or one of those “Let’s all celebrate multicultural NZ Festivals” that councils seem to be happy to fund ,it woodda been first item on all TV channels ,front page of every newspaper…….

    The MSM are complicit.


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