National’s Nikki Kaye- “Sopping Wet Liberal”

Nikki Kaye has been promoted on the National Party list from 58 to 33.

According to Whale Oil, Kaye is

“a sop­ping wet lib­eral who likes spend­ing other peo­ples money on pet projects.”

He’s right. Kaye should be in the Labour Party and is a traitor to National’s founding principles.

That is why John Key promoted her.


8 thoughts on “National’s Nikki Kaye- “Sopping Wet Liberal”

  1. Whale has National’s list of 75. There isn’t a single one of ’em worth a damn. They’re all a fucking disgrace to one degree or another. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t appear in a list of John Key’s caucus.


  2. John Key, sliding along on a cushion of ineffable smugness, unburdened by principles and propelled by an electorate with the combined political awareness of a flock of Buff Orpingtons.
    No wonder he’s promoted this stealth commie….


  3. Actually they need a new name. Surely the National Party name is copy-write.
    Assuming it is then this should rename themselves the New National Labour Party.
    Got all the ingredients and the lack of principles.


  4. Too right Sinner. I think the good Doctor has jumped the shark. Any hope of ACT holding the quisling Key to account is gone. One can only hope the Conservative Party gains sufficient traction to be a player in 2014.


  5. Kaye is what you get when the organizational wing of your political party decide they need to court the mystical “urban / inner city liberal” vote. That’s what Judd tried to do with ACT in the early 2000’s. . . fat lot of good it did.


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