Margaret Mutu, of English Scottish Descent- Another pseudo Maori scamming the NZ taxpayer

Magraret Mutu, a NZer of Scottish and English descent and Head of Maori Studies at Auckland University

New Zealand is under siege. Its being attacked by a legion of fakes. White people pretending to be Maori. Of course, you can be “Maori” if you feel like one, but this definition is a good indication of how hopelessly out of control the whole Maori grievance industry is. There are no true pure blood Maori. There is though great social and financial benefit in claiming to be one. I started to list these benefits here, but it just became too much. Special treatment in education and healthcare. Special treatment in loan applications. Special treatment under the ETS. Special treatment in parliamentary representation. Special treatment in the workplace. It goes on and on and on.

The whole reason these fakes get away with claiming to be “Maori” is the failure of the rest of NZ, and politicians in particular, to challenge them on their propaganda. One example is John Key’s recent decision to allow the separatist Maori flag to be flown at Waitangi and over the Auckland Harbour bridge. This is not any kind of official flag. It represents no official body. It should not have been flown or given an iota of recognition by the NZ government, let alone by the country’s PM. Key’s weakness gave undue legitimacy to an entirely fake industry that is mostly underpinned by money taken from hard working NZ families. Taken by corrupt cowardly self serving politicians.

Letter to Editor of The Christchurch Press by Maori Martin Te Heuheu published 12 February 1998-

Sir — The misguided visions of certain politicians — Jenny Shipley, Doug Graham, and recently Mike Moore (February 6) — who are convinced that settling Maori grievances will enhance racial harmony, are a manifestation of the blind leading the blind. I do concede that Maori lost land that they had neither the will nor skill to optimise, other than grow puha on. But over the decades we’ve been reimbursed many times — i.e., more than doubled our life span, acquired an education (for those who wanted it), got houses that keep the rain and cold out, and high technology conducive to our everyday needs and wants, etc. The Maori who contribute very little to improved economic growth in this country continue to grizzle. If the civil libertarians want racial harmony, I suggest they ignore “grizzling” Maori, or I can anticipate a back lash.

In an interview with the magazine “The Free Radical” Te Heuheu said-

“If you guys hadn’t come to New Zealand, it’s highly likely that Maori wouldn’t have survived. We were stone age. We were illiterate, and that’s the truth. We’d just about eaten everything there was to eat; the moa was already extinct, and we were eating each other. We would have killed each other off. Now we have the best of everything in the world. While Maori are running around screaming that we’ve been ripped off [by the European] they’re taking advantage of high-tech this and high-tech that. They’re demanding millions of dollars in compensation, plus apologies, and white liberals are sucked into this bullshit.”

Martin Te Heuheu is no pseudo-Maori. His father, Rongomai Te Heuheu who died some years ago, was the brother of Sir Hepi Te Heuheu, paramount chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa, descendant of Tukino Te Heuheu who in the late 1880s deeded the mountains Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe to New Zealand as a national park.

Another letter-

Sir — I suggest Ngai Tahu approach the Queen of England on Treaty ofWaitangi claims. In 1948 New Zealand abrogated the statute of Westminster and became an independent State. My contemporaries and I shouldn’t have to forfeit our money to solve your problems. We’re not responsible for your outrageous allegations. Since the Europeans arrived in this country, they encouraged our stone age ancestors to stop eating each other, taught us how to read and write; gave us the benefit of their medical technology, hence more than doubled our life span; gave us electricity, and so on. How can any “born-again Maori” respond to all this and say we’ve been “ripped off” to the tune of at least $170 million? I’m biologically a richer Maori blood line than most Ngai Tahu, and I’m not complaining while I enjoy my modern equipment.

Its time to end the fake Maori grievance industry and to stop giving special treatment to people of mainly European ancestry who claim to be Maori. The scamming of the NZ taxpayer by a corrupt and self interested political class has to stop.

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  2. Kris K posted on Crusader Rabbit today a couple of videos of Melanie Phillips. In one part of it, Phillips suggests the Islamists have taken Gramscian theory and perfectly adopted it, and she’s right. They have captured the intelligentsia and the political classes. They have demonstrably NOT captured the populace. I would argue exactly the same of the faux-Maori. They have taken Gramsci’s theory of Cultural Marxism and applied it to their own poisonous endeavour. They have been incredibly successful in capturing education, the intelligentsia, the chattering classes in the Dead Tree Press and Mainstream Media, and of course the political classes. Incredibly, they’ve also captured large swathes of the populace, so successful has been their rewriting of history.

    It is therefore incumbent upon people like you & I, Red, our friends and others such as John Ansell and the other patriotic Kiwis who participate in the blogosphere, to tell the truth and to mock these terrorists at every opportunity. The alternative is victory for them, and the death of a once-great little country at the bottom of the world. They have won far too many battles, aided by their fellow-travellers in the liberal elite, and if we give up they will surely win the war.


  3. Alas, the Aust. comrades have captured the kids and they know not to let go.

    You have to admire the Alinsky leftoids, first they have to destroy language, it’s necessary to confuse race with failed dysfunctional 3rd world cultural immigration…..just as Global Warming morphed through ideological marketing phases into Climate Disruption……..

    All you can do is live well, they’ve won .


  4. As a fourth generation New Zealander, born here in 1942, I am fast coming to the conclusion that this is not the country I once knew.

    Reversed racists such as this Mutu woman have set about destroying our beautiful country with her lies and self serving propaganda.

    I just hope that my grandchildren (three of which are proud of their Maori heritage) have the strength and tenacity to stand up to evil people such as her and her kind. (Which is more than the hierarchy of the Auckland University appear to be prepared to do.)


  5. “As a fourth generation New Zealander, born here in 1942, I am fast coming to the conclusion that this is not the country I once knew. ”

    Its not the country you once knew, it is a country deep in the thrall of cultural Marxists. Its that way because the National Party have done nothing to stand by their founding principles, and over the last five decades, have incrementally given more and more ground to the left.

    The man in the street has been duped and used and stolen from and betrayed by a corrupt and cronyist political class that we must dislodge from power if things are to change. The status quo must be broken.


  6. Martin Te Heuheu, which you quoted above Red, nails the issue. And I believe many of the Maori chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi at the time would have shared much of the sentiments Mr Te Heuheu expressed. The fact that many of these same chiefs also embraced biblical Christianity (brought to NZ by the early missionaries) and realised the civilising effects it had on British society, and would likewise impart to broader NZ society; that British sovereignty, the rule of law, and the elected government (at least at the time) all submitted to the higher authority of the Judeo-Christian God and His word, played no small part in these chiefs agreeing to the terms of the Treaty and their submitting to British sovereignty.

    It’s a shame we have so few Maori voices today like Martin Te Heuheu who are willing to speak out and expose the traitorous pseudo-Maori charlatans like Margaret Mutu cited above.


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