Australia Newspoll 05/09/11- Labour and Gillard Crash and Burn

Newspoll has the Liberal National Party Coalition’s lead over the Australian Labour Party out from 57-43 to 59-41.

Julia Gillard has recorded the fifth worst (surpassed only by Paul Keating, 4 times) net satisfaction rating in Newspoll history: 23 per cent approval and 68 per cent disapproval.

Preferred Labour leader- Kevin Rudd up 21 points to 57%. Gillard down 5 to 24%

Preferred Prime Minister- Tony Abbot increases his lead over Gillard from 39 to 38 to 43 to 34.

Lying taxing regulating stealing control freak communists going down in flames.

2 thoughts on “Australia Newspoll 05/09/11- Labour and Gillard Crash and Burn

  1. She’s a cartoonists dream. So easy to caricature. Just draw a wedge of red hair atop a big chiseled nose and that’s Julia.


  2. Despite the hope of conservative Kiwis the Australian situation is only marginally better than that in NZ.
    The aim is to get rid of an incestuous Labor Party run by ex Union bosses and ideologues nurtured from uni as Party apparatchiks. The curious spectacle is of a PM, true to her background, stalled in the resentments of her adolescent student marxist activist days.

    Abbott is a social conservative and enthusiastic welfare Statist.
    That’s as good as it gets, not with a bang but with a whimper.

    Much as NZ wants to pretend that its govt “Superannuation” scheme is not simply an old aged pension, middle class Australians with kids vote to collect numerous cheques from govt and want to believe that they are not a major part of the problem.


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