Auckland University Stalinists Back Margaret Mutu

Stuff reports that Auckland University management is refusing to fire Margaret Mutu for her outrageous and racist comments on white New Zealanders and white immigrants.

In a statement, Auckland University vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon said academics had a right to free speech. “The vice-chancellor understands the concerns raised over Professor Margaret Mutu’s reported comments but believes very strongly in the right of academics to comment on issues in which they have expertise, even when those comments may be controversial. “The Education Act protects the right of academics, within the law, to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions. That is an important right in a free society.”

What utter crap. I’ve just finished wading through the nauseatingly politically correct garbage that outlines standards of behaviour by staff and students at the University. The guidelines are sickeningly Stalinist in nature and frequently confront “free speech” and other concepts Mr. McCutcheon seeks to use to make excuses for Mutu. These Stalinist regulations should not be used selectively and Mutu, a NZer and self described “Maori” of English and Scottish descent, should not be given special treatment.

Regulation 2.10 specifies that staff should

“Provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination, consistent with the Human Rights Act 1993 and University’s Harassment policy, and facilitate the expeditious investigation and just resolution of alleged harassment or discrimination.”

How can white students at the university not be intimidated and insulted by Mutu’s racist outburst? Section 6B of the Student Charter Teaching regulations states that-

“All staff who teach students should be aware of and respect the educational goals, policies and standards of the University. Further, they should be effective role models and exhibit to their students a commitment to scholarly goals by drawing on a high level of competence and expertise in particular disciplines, together with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills.”

Furthermore, the “Equity Policy” states-

“the university opposes all prohibited grounds of discrimination as stated in the Human Rights Act 1993, being sex, marital status, religious belief, ethical belief, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, disability, age, political opinion, employment status, family status, and sexual orientation.”

Section III of “Graduate Profile” states students should show “Respect for the values of other individuals and groups, and an appreciation of human and cultural diversity.” How do Mutu’s actions support this clause and where are her responsibilities to be an effective “role model”. The University’s policy on Racial Harassment is –

“behaviour that is racist, hurtful or offensive and is either repeated or serious enough to have a detrimental effect on a person. The Human Rights Act 1993 defines racial harassment as behaviour that is uninvited and humiliates, offends or intimidates someone because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin. It can involve spoken, written or visual material or a physical act. Racial harassment may include: Making offensive remarks about a person’s race.”

It is perfectly clear that Mutu’s public statements have breached University guidelines regulations policies and protocols in any number of ways and she should be dismissed.

There is not a person reading this blog that doesn’t know that if a white academic made the same kind of demeaning remarks about Maoris they would be sacked immediately. Auckland University is a one way street in racism against Whites and Europeans and Asians. It is nothing but an offensive and utterly despicable exercise in brainwashing posing as a university.

No wonder this country is rent asunder by racism and social issues. Divisiveness is openly encouraged by these poisonous propagandists posing as academics, and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t just sack the vile racist and fake Maori Mutu, I’d close down the whole poisonous politically correct Stalinist gulag.

7 thoughts on “Auckland University Stalinists Back Margaret Mutu

  1. Ah….the long march through the Institutions was complete decades ago.

    They have captured your kids, they know your kids are eager disciples….. who immediately know how to react…… without any obvious Pavlovian bell being rung….. that there can never be a brown racist.

    Good little children.


  2. And just why the hell would they sack her?
    Punishment is reserved for whites only. It’s a new form of apartheid.


  3. She has to go.
    Pressure should be unrelenting.Those at the Uni backing her should go as well.
    It is not the first time she has made statements such as this.


  4. One provision needs to be added to the University guidelines:

    “Notwithstanding any other provision herein, a statement about, or conduct regarding, any person, entity, thing, idea, or behavior that is factually accurate and logical, or grounded in fact and logic, however remotely, is deemed acceptable university statement or conduct. Any person seeking redress in accordance with these policies, and any implementing rules or procedures, has the burden of proof on the issues of untruthfulness and flawed logic.”

    As the policies stand now, an accused can prevail only by showing that there is no basis for a complainant’s feeling humiliated, offended, or intimidated. Minorities then respond that their personal sensitivities are as a result of eons of white discrimination and derision, whereupon the accused has to show that the history is wrong and that the accuser’s emotional response to life’s events are unwarranted for whatever reason.

    In short, the usual lefty standards are in place in which centuries of experience with free speech are discarded in favor of fawning over something so fluffy and slippery as somebody’s sappy “feelings.”


  5. I am completely disgusted with this university and her statements. It does snow that racism in NZ is alive and well, and the separatists keep on going. NZ should embrace every culture for what they bring to NZ, for we are all different & have strengths that add to the mix. This woman, being a role model for our children – is teaching hate & discrimination in a time when we all should be coming together peacefully. Shame on the university, shame on anyone that condones this awful behaviour. What they are defending is the fact that Maoris do (from her report) think negatively of anyone with white skin (and that includes light skinned Maori, for I have seen the discrimination given to them as well), and instead of educating Maoris NOT to fear immigrants, we are pandering to this fear and embracing the fear by saying that we are going to “brand immigrants and limit them from coming in.” Education is the way – learn to love each other and appreciate how different we all are. That is the only way for a mixed society to work. This separatation doesn’t work – never had, and never will. This is why having a separate Maori party does nothing to integrate NZers as one – but actually divides Kiwis more. We are either ONE as a culture, or NZ is nothing. Once people realize this, we can come together for peace.


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