Chris Carter Quits- Farrar Fawns

David Farrar is known for his obsessive fawning over homosexuals, and the salute to the odious and corrupt Chris Carter on his blog today is one of the most nauseating examples of this I’ve seen.

Among a raft of sycophantic compliments praising Carter for pioneering open “gayness” in parliament, Farrar also says this-

“He spent five years as Minister of Conservation and I think most people would acknowledge he was a very committed and effective Minister in that role.”

Carter, as much as is possible in a democracy, acted as an authoritarian and tyrannical busybody who converted much of NZ’s private land into government ownership and in the case of the Whangamata Marina, wrongfully interfered in standard environmental procedures, at great cost to the Marina owners.

Carter is a Marxist subversive who has little respect for Westminster traditions, as his arrogant refusal to answer questions in parliament often showed. In all the time he was in parliament, he showed utter disregard for the underpinnings of a democracy, that being private property ownership, small government and individual rights. He worked hard in the faithful service of his Marxist leader Helen Klark to take NZ as far as possible down the road to the one party state collectivist nightmare we find ourselves in today.

Unlike David Farrar, I don’t care so much that the smug obnoxious Carter was homosexual. I just want politicians in parliament who are not Marxist subversives. Whatever his sexual orientation, Carter was a disaster to NZ and a bigger disaster to our parliament and government. Good riddance to repugnant rubbish.

And Farrar needs to get over his sickening subservience to the politically correct dictates of his National and Labour Party friends and judge people by what they do and say, and not by whether they’re queer or not.

Edit- Oh and BTW Chrissy, have a great time in Afghanistan, and don’t forget to flaunt it.

16 thoughts on “Chris Carter Quits- Farrar Fawns

  1. I gotta say, I’m automatically distrustful of homosexual politicians. Primarily because all of them to one degree or another have a lofty disdain for some of the societal mores and institutions I believe are fundamentally important. Traditional family, marriage only between man & woman etc.


  2. Angus,

    From Farrar’s fawning piece-

    “Since Chris came out in the 1990s, he has been joined by Tim Barnett, Georgina Beyer, Charles Chauvel, Chris Finlayson, Kevin Hague, Grant Robertson, Maryan Street and Louisa Wall. ”

    Name one of those whose contribution has been slightly more than a piece of goat excrement.


  3. Barnett was nothing more than a carpetbagging homosexual political activist if there ever was one. It was the only reason he went to Parliament . . . got off the plane from the UK back in 1991 and decided straight away that his new home wasn’t “liberal” enough and therefore in dire need of reform.

    His biggest success was his “sex industry” reform where now girls from Asia are sold into sex and not even remunerated for it and girls as young as 13 ply their trade on South Auckland streets where the police are too “under resourced” to spend all and every night yarding out the lambs from the more experienced mutton.

    But hey, its all very cosmopolitan and progressive. Well done.


  4. Agree with much of the above. DPF is excellent on many topics but on social issues is often pretty much a libertarian/libertine/anything goes kind of guy. I actually think he is a bit of a Peter Pan figure. Just hasn’t really grown up in a lot of ways.

    Regarding Tim Barnett his legacy has been pushing through the homosexual agenda. I think that was why he came to New Zealand. I think Helen Clark was obviously also a key figure in pushing through gay rights. Unfortunately the gay rights view has captured the mainstream media which is generally liberal anyway.

    I would like to see a pushback at some stage, hopefully in my lifetime. We need to return to marriage, we need to return to much more family friendly moral behaviour and we need to start looking after our children properly.


  5. “We need to start looking after our children properly.”

    Many try to do that, but its the progressive controlled education department that foils them. Centralized management of education has to be stopped. Its the way the left get all their poison into the veins of our children.


  6. I’m surprised that you still read Farrar’s blog. I no longer visit it. I used to occasionally add a comment but can no longer be bothered to read the predicatable comments or arguments that occur daily from the same entrenched positions.

    Carter may have shown utter disregard for democracy and for individual and property rights…..until, of course, his own rights were perceived to have been breached. His homosexuality did not bother me, but his (and some of the other homosexuals in parliament) use of it to claim discrimination against him or to get an advantage sickened me.


  7. “I’m surprised that you still read Farrar’s blog.”

    Farrar, as a Nat insider, is useful for NZ political comment. If I see an interesting heading on some of the blogs that link to him I will read it.

    As for his comments section, the blandness and the pro-National garbage from his pet wet liberal commenters is pretty insufferable. And its a damn relief not to have to deal anymore with the brainfucked delusions and deranged irrational rubbish of the rest of his ignorant far left followers. What a waste of time.

    “the use of it to claim discrimination against him or to get an advantage sickened me.”

    Yep, me too. The real problem though is it worked. Too many people are scared stiff to be labelled racist or “homophobic”, and that widespread fear is an indication of how well the left’s plan to control our culture has succeeded.


  8. The wonderful thing about NZ is how car accidents and underclass wife and child beaters lead the Herald online. I love it. That’s because there’s nothing else happening in 100% Fabian NZ.
    The worries of the Fabian’s have become the nation’s official concerns.
    You are required to be desperately concerned about the ideologically correct colour of toilet paper. Your kids have been engineered to ensure ongoing national thumbsucking.

    Farrar’s immersion in this trivial world of political tweeness, of difference without distinction, means the joke is on him.

    Where there’s a vacuum the niche victim identity groups quickly dominated a compliant leftoid media, so NZ for at least the last 30 years has been wagged by its ( barely relevant to the masses) mendicant tail.


  9. The second most corrupt politician in the most corrupt government in New Zealand’s history, is now joining the world’s most corrupt organization to help in it’s fight against corruption.

    It sounds like something from Monty Python.



  10. At least when he gets to the stahn the good folks at the taliban won’t have to look too hard for a mountain to throw his sorry , saggy arse off .I wonder if his wife will be going with him , hmmm.


  11. “Good riddance to repugnant rubbish”.
    Dirty faggot needs a big bruv dick in his smelly bottom, no doubt Wris can find it over at the pathetic wankfest kiwiblog where wimps and poofs hang out.


  12. Heh. I’ve just started dippnig my toes into the cesspit again after a long absence. A classic quote on the GD this morning:

    “My “normal waffly, fence sitting” was testing ideas, I’m now focussed on what I think can make a difference. I honed my fighting skills on Redbaiter and KrisK, now I’m ready to rumble.”

    From the Peter Dunne Do Anything For A Portfolio Party’s very own candidate for Dunedin North … Pete George!!!

    Don’t think I’ll go back there again.


  13. Honed his fighting skills.. ???


    I’ve seen more fight from a creme puff.

    Actually, when you think of it, this vacillating fence sitting blank firing empty vessel would be excellent as a lieutenant to that useless political whore Dunne.


  14. I didn’t realise mental deficiency was a requirement to join the pandering and useless Dunne crew. If Pete George is the answer what the hell was the question?!


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