John Key, Julia Gillard and Ban Ki-Moon- What a Team!

There’s a big event occurring in Auckland. Its called the Pacific Forum, and its another place where the political scum who presume to rule us gather to give our money away. Spend it wildly on unworkable and failing schemes like public education and the great global warming scam. While they rub shoulders with their cronyist political favourites.

Yes, there are representatives of the private sector there for the first time. Who I do not know, but it will be the usual collection of oily crooks and dodgers promising political favours for cash handouts. Given the focus on the scam of Climate Change, many will probably be Nick Smith’s friends.

The gormless idiot John Key is there, fawning over the covert Marxist Julia Gillard and kissing Ban Ki-Moon’s arse at every opportunity. Red Johnny will never miss a chance to confirm his commitment to socialism. Here (from the NZ Herald) is a sample of the kind of poisonous propaganda that goes down there-

The United Nations Secretary-General said yesterday his visit to the Solomon Islands and Kiribati had strengthened his conviction that climate change was a threat to humanity. “It is even a threat to international peace and security. With waves rising ever higher in this neighbourhood, the oceans are also sending a signal that something is seriously wrong with our current model of economic development.”

What scandalous lies. And of course nobody challenges this scheming fraud and charlatan on such politically charged untruths. Rather he is fawned over by academics like those at that den of Orwellian deceit, Auckland University, the gang of Marxists destroying our children’s ability to think while they feed them vile propaganda by means of employees like Margaret Mutu. The Herald again-

Mr Ban received a rapturous welcome at Auckland University where he gave a speech before holding a series of private meetings with leaders.

Can you imagine the plotting that occurred at those “private meetings”?? What propaganda methods were discussed. What evil courses of action were decided upon?

Here’s one, where Key and his good comrade Gillard decided they’d give $303 million of your money “to address the large numbers of kids that do not go to school.” Yep, let’s get more youngsters into the public school gulags. Lets ignore the fact that the education system is a complete and utter failure and has been for decades. Lets keep pretending its of some benefit to society, and keep POURING TAXPAYER’S MONEY into what is essentially a series of training camps for Marxism.

The Pacific Forum is just another scam on taxpayers. A place where scum socialist politicians can grandstand. If this was the last one ever held, NZ and the Pacific would be a far far better place for that fact.

6 thoughts on “John Key, Julia Gillard and Ban Ki-Moon- What a Team!

  1. It’s all rather hopeless and depressing.
    They are spending money that they don’t have on a problem that doesn’t exist ,climate change.
    And now they seek to educate the children of foreign nations that sought independence,with money that has to be borrowed anyway.Don’t we have enough problems with education in NZ?

    I had hoped that the extreme dangers that western economies currently face would have acted as some kind of rallying point for governments,citizens and taxpayers to finally get their act together and come to our senses abpout how things have gone so badly. No chance,same old,bury head in sand and either spend your way out or just pretend there are no problems.
    And the economic malaise is as a result of a moral malaise. Hopeless.


  2. We know who the enemies and traitors are, but what should we do about it when the brain-dead sheeple just keep on voting them in and support the ongoing theft from the productive/working class?!

    It really is either REVOLUTION or Divine intervention; democracy as we once knew it is long dead and non-functional.


  3. I think that you’d have to include Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkle……in fact every damn leader of each and every western nation, excluding Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

    “The costs of fighting the climate will be much higher than the costs of potential global warming — if there will be any — in the foreseeable future.”

    “I do not believe in the innocence of global warming alarmists, they do not care about the environment, they just misuse it in their crusade, which aims at limiting our freedom and prosperity.”


  4. Predictably the NSW police decided no likelihood of finding evidence with which to prosecute MP Craig T, the alleged fraudulent user of union funds, bigger issues were at play.

    You gotta love the front of an Establishment used to operating as it chooses, a more obvious and evidence supported fraud case occurs rarely.


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