Big Swing To Conservative Party in Norway Elections

Norway is a socialist rat hole where oil riches are used to pay for the usual set of crazy destructive ideas. If the oil ever runs out, Norway is stuffed.

It seems that even in places where the sickness of socialism is endemic, people are starting to wake up to the damage it causes to a country’s social fabric.

Local elections took place in Norway over the weekend. The center-right Conservative party was the big winner with its share of the vote rising 8.7% to 28%, threatening the Labour party’s traditional standing as Norway’s largest party.

Only 62% of the population voted, compared to 61% in the last elections, even after the government called for increased turnout to express distaste for the actions of Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people in a protest against Labour party immigration policies.

The anti-immigration Progress Party was the big loser, slumping 6% to 11.4% in the vote. This may have been due to anti-Breivik sentiment, but some observers claim the decline was not directly linked to the party’s ties with the killer. The party had vehemently distanced itself from him, and had already seen its support fall prior to the attacks.

The party was hit in early 2011 by a sex scandal that was badly handled by the party leadership, according to political commentators. It then had to tone down much of its anti-immigration rhetoric during the election campaign.

6 thoughts on “Big Swing To Conservative Party in Norway Elections

  1. “a socialist rat hole where oil riches are used to pay for the usual set of crazy destructive ideas”

    Seems all oil rich countries fit the socialist rat hole model. We know about the destructive Middle-East dictatorships, but the latest include the likes of Norway, USA, Canada, UK and Oz. Soon to joined by NZ? No hold on, we’re already there without the oil riches!


  2. I suspect the Progress Party vote bled directly into the Conservative Party, as a way for people to distance themselves from Breivik’s actions yet still express dissatisfaction with current immigration policies.


  3. “No hold on, we’re already there without the oil riches!”

    Heh heh.. yep that’s dead right. Commies always like to point to Norway as an example of socialism working, when its no such example. Its more an illustration of how a country can be ruined by socialists who exploit its wealth to underpin their destructive fantasies about how a country should work.

    The work ethic is almost destroyed there, and there are a multitude of other social indicators that show how the country has gone down hill. (example- high crime rates with stats on rape and burglary being among the highest in the world. High use of drugs and alcohol too. Look it up on Nationmaster)


  4. The rise and rise of the right!

    I see that Weiner’s NY seat has been won by the Republican Turner. Obama’s reverse Midas touch again.


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