If Bob Brown Gets His Australian Media Inquiry, It Has To Include The Left WIng ABC

Bob Brown and Julia Gillard are plotting an inquiry into the Australian media. They’re unhappy that not every newspaper and not every radio station is an advocate for the Marxist ideas they believe in so devoutly.

Like all on the left, they have a burning hatred for Rupert Murdoch. The objective of the inquiry will be to bring his flagship newspaper “The Australian” to heel. Make it a crawling sycophantic piece of fishwrap like the Fairfax owned Melbourne Age. They will fail. Unfortunately for would be totalitarians like Gillard and Brown, there is still in Australia some resistance to the Progressives.

However if the issue is bias, then there is no way that the inquiry should proceed without including the ABC, the most biased news outlet in Australia by a light year. Hang on though. The bias of the ABC is left wing bias. (While in a deceit typical of the left the world over, it pretends to be providing objective news.) Do you think Bob and Julia will be concerned about this? As a commenter on Andrew Bolts blog says-

The ABC comes at taxpayer expense to all 22 million Australians while newspaper readers pay at least $1 a copy. This year the ABC gets $991 million in direct funding from Government while newspapers get nothing.

The ABC runs at least three TV networks, broadcast through dozens of TV stations; it runs at least three radio networks, broadcast through dozens of radio stations. It runs websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. And it has a commercial arm that this year is estimated to add $174 million to its revenue base.

The ABC has the biggest media reach in the nation and huge influence and impact. It should be included in any proper inquiry into the media in this country

The ABC will not be included, because as we all know, this is not really about bias. This is just the same old leftist obsession with control, and limiting criticism of its stinking ideology. Same old same old. “All for free speech as long as we first approve it.” The ABC being largely a propaganda outfit for Marxist ideology will be safe. God I detest these totalitarian leftist scum.

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  1. I guess it depends who they call to give evidence. If everyone from what Bankrupt Bob calls the “Murdoch hate press” turns up and instead of answering their questions and falling for their trap, presents clear evidence of the ABC’s bias (the example you gave of Q&A is only one, by the way) it will be written into the record, the inquiry will collapse into farce and it will yet one more abject failure to add to the already extensive list. I mean, turn up with one episode (and you can pick any episode at all) of Q&A and you have your evidence right there.


  2. The danger to freedom of political expression rises in direct ratio to the amount of political power the left are able to obtain.

    Labour in Australia represents most of the extreme leftists who have captured academia, and they are as intent on stifling debate as anyone in Hitler’s cabinet, or in Stalin’s Politbureau or Mao’s gangsters.

    Have you read today’s article by Paul Kelly in The Australian on the would be far left totalitarian Robert Manne, voted by his peers (according to Andrew Bolt) as Australia’s “most influential public intellectual” ?

    Just disgraceful. I detest these control freak scum so much.


  3. The odious, slimy ABC has to be worth at least five percentage points to the left in any state or federal election.
    But I don’t see the political will or courage to disband it coming from any liberal politician.


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