Julia Gillard- Media Inquiry Proves She’s Nothing But A Marxist Thug

To me it all seems unbelievable. That our societies have degenerated to the state where a cheap lying Marxist thug like Gillard can not only rise to be Prime Minister, but then turn the Federal Government into a weapon to attack a media outlet that tells the truth about her.

Australian PM Julia Gillard has demanded an “inquiry” into the media, something Australia’s co-Prime Minister Bob Brown has also been demanding for some time as he is unhappy with reporting on his party and environmental issues, mainly global warming and other such watermelon political scams.

The truth is this inquiry is a Marxist styled political witch hunt.

It is headed by a judge, but he is assisted by journalism professor Dr Matthew Ricketson, who has frequently expressed common left wing prejudices against Rupert Murdoch in the past. So its stacked.

This “inquiry” is a fake and a smokescreen. In reality, its an attempt by the soviet style thug Gillard and the insipid perennially smirking creep Bob Brown to intimidate and punish The Australian newspaper. That is the bare naked truth.

There are rumours that the collateral damage resulting from this inquiry will include restrictions on blogging. Communications Minister Steve Conroy’s office has stated-

A single statutory body with tougher powers to regulate the conduct of all media is a possible outcome from an independent inquiry announced by the Gillard government yesterday.

Get that did you? “All media”. Blogs are already under threat from sniveling cowardly backroom totalitarians in government-

THE Gillard government will seek to rein in offensive online behaviour, proposing a new “digital social contract” to underpin Australians’ lives as cyber citizens.

I’ve come to despise that word “offensive”. It falsely underpins so many of the attacks on our freedom mounted by these Marxist thugs. We all know what the rest of the language in that article really means. Left wing censorship of views the commies in power dissaprove of.

There is so much wrong with this I could write pages. What about the stark left wing bias and constant misinformation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation? What about Brown’s lies to justify the inquiry- for example his claim that Murdoch owns 70% of Australia’s papers?? (he owns about 32%).

Julia Gillard’s Australian media inquiry is a demonstration of how the left have across the western world, so completely corrupted our societies and our political environment and our judicial system, and it is an utter barbaric disgrace that this outrageous kangaroo court has been called to order. It is an event that is straight out of Joe Stalin’s Russia, except its happening in Australia today. Unbelievable.

Update: Read what these jack booted Labourite thugs are proposing now. Andrew Bolt, Government Won’t Rule Out A license To Publish

3 thoughts on “Julia Gillard- Media Inquiry Proves She’s Nothing But A Marxist Thug

  1. But–naturally–left-wing blogs won’t be found to be “offensive”. Nossir. The kind of primitive animals who responded to the post on the maorification of the RWC opening ceremony will be deemed to be acceptable. Exercising their right to free speech, etc.


  2. “The kind of primitive animals who responded to the post on the maorification of the RWC opening ceremony will be deemed to be acceptable.”

    Yep, and they’re the ignorati who the left rely on to elect them. Uneducated guttersnipes with no knowledge of history and ready to fix bayonets and herd dissenters into cattle trucks as soon as Gillard / Obama issues the order.


  3. I have a dilemma, dear friends. I’ve been invited (in one of those “it’s not mandatory but would be career-limiting not to go” kinds of ways) to an industry luncheon. It’s the standard industry circle-jerk, and normally I’d go and sit as close as possible to the exit (so as to make my escape at the first opportune moment).

    The problem with this particular luncheon is that the keynote speaker is the endangered Canberra woodpecker, and I really don’t think I will be able to sit through it without asking a few pointed questions and telling a few honest truths. So it seems my career options with my current employer are limited if I don’t go to this function, and even more so if I do.

    Hmmm…principles, or pay the bills. Tough choice…


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