Lies From The White House On What Michelle Obama Said About Flag Folding Ceremony

Kristina Schake, communications director for First Lady Michelle Obama, has issued a statement concerning blog based conjecture over what exactly Michelle Obama said to her husband while watching the US Marine flag folding process. Lip readers have claimed that Michelle Obama said something similar to “all this just for a f**king flag”..! However I reckon its pretty hard to discern from the video what she said exactly. What cannot be dismissed is the head and eye gesture that occurs at the end of her sentence. (see video here )

Kristina Schake says-

The words, meaning and context in these claims are all wildly off the mark. The First Lady was commenting to the President on how moving and powerful it always is to watch all that America’s firefighters and police officers do to honor the flag. It was an emotional moment on a powerful day and she was awed by the ceremony and all that the flag symbolizes.

I say Schake is talking utter BS. There is no way that Michelle Obama’s head and eye gesture would be the follow up to a statement expressing those thoughts. Although there may have been some doubt about that matter until now, such a blatant lie as has come from the White House makes it almost certain that the “First Lady” said something nasty.

The White House is inhabited by a corrupt and dishonest cabal of country destroying Marxists who despise everything that the United States once stood for and hold a large part of its citizenry, culture and heritage in utter contempt. I continue to be amazed that a low life like Barack Obama made it to President.

7 thoughts on “Lies From The White House On What Michelle Obama Said About Flag Folding Ceremony

  1. I’m no expert on body language but, I don’t think you need to be an expert at all to appreciate the facial expressions from M. Obama to realize that whatever she is mouthing, and whatever the words that she has spoken reflects the facial expression and eye movements and is not complementary to the official Flag ceremony.


  2. These morons would have been better saying nothing than guilding the lily like Schake did as quoted above. They should have come out with some BS that at least matched the body language – like, I dunno, how about “Is that egg on your tie again, darling?” At least that would have been more plausible and less damaging.

    What is it with Marxist scum, are they just thick, or is it the all pervading arrogance which they just can’t hide no matter what the downstream fallout may be? I’m guessing the latter.


  3. The fact that the White House felt that they had to comment at all says it all really. Why would they need to defend an innocent remark? No way do either of them look like they were “awed by the ceremony and all that the flag symbolizes.”
    They just looked bored.


  4. “What the hell is America doing?”

    Regretting the election of their first communist President and waiting for the opportunity in 12 months time to repair their gross error of judgement?


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