Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough

This Swiss member of parliament has had enough. Oskar Freysinger says with power and passion and truth the words that no UK, US or NZ politician dare utter. The scam of political correctness has made them all cowards. But take heart. The dam is breaking in Switzerland, and it will soon do the same elsewhere.

7 thoughts on “Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough

  1. God BLESS you. I love this. Exactly the OPPOSITE stance of any of the pussy European leaders except Neal Farage of UKIP, the lads with EDL, and the great people of all the European salvationist parties.

    Islam is murderous, barbaric, obscurantist, irrational, mendacious, and malicious. Every meliorating development in the history of man is a grave indictment of the primitive essence of this body of doctrine worthy only of governing a people who inhabit the desert wastes, if that. Mr. Freysinger shames all Europeans who have not had the courage to admit the ghastly nature of Islam and their complicity in miring the streets and cities of Europe with its presence.

    Europe has debased itself before its rank inferiors and Mr. Freysinger justly expresses his outrage.


  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    And the antidote must be nationalism, that now-unmentionable word. With a sense of nationalism will come pride, with pride will come courage and resistance.


  3. Orion….you have a point there. I would also add though, that Islam relies on the infidels stupidity and economies to survive and flourish as they have no economies of their own, and without the sheeps back with which to feed off the parasite that is Islam will not survive!


  4. I just put up a post which deals with the possible collapse of the EU and the consequences for muslims. Janet Daley, the author seems to be pretty much on to it.


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