Speed Cameras- More Gross Hypocrisy From John Key’s National Party

Do John Key’s Nats deserve to be known as the most hypocritical in the party’s history? The turnabouts just don’t seem to end.

Before being elected they were highly critical of the climate change scam. Once elected they became fully convinced of its authenticity and introduced the Emissions Trading Scheme.

In opposition they advocated one standard of citizenship for all. Once elected they formed an unnecessary partnership with the separatist and racist Maori Party, and proceeded to introduce or support a raft of legislation giving special treatment to Maori.

In opposition, they criticised the Klark government for squandering the country’s financial resources. Yet after the election they did nothing to wind back the profligate welfare spending and electoral bribes instituted by Labour and are now borrowing $300 million a week to keep them in place.

This week’s news that speed camera offences had doubled under the National government was explained away by Police Minister Judith Collins in the most hypocritical manner. In opposition Crusher said the cameras were merely a revenue raising device. Once in power she increased the number of cameras and introduced more advanced models that allowed greater levels of detection. Collins said last week-

“Driving was not a game and roads could be dangerous, people need to take some personal responsibility. If they’re not breaking the speed limits, then they won’t get a ticket.”

Exactly what Labour’s Paul Swain said when he was Police Minister.

But if you really want an example of gross hypocrisy, check out this article written by Tony Ryall when in opposition. Ryall now he’s in government, is supporting Judith Collins and her cameras. Here’s a few excerpts from what Ryall said back then

Mr Swain said in June that “the most convincing argument supporting the police enforcement of speed limits is the declining rate of death and injury from road crashes”. What he didn’t tell us was that 75 per cent of fatal accidents and 85 per cent of all crashes happen under the posted speed limit.

British researcher Alan Buckingham noted in a vital piece of work – predictably bagged by the LTSA – that “few would claim that driving 10km/h above the speed limit on an empty motorway in good conditions constitutes driving with excessive speed”.

Mr Swain talked about lowering the speed camera tolerance level from 10 km/hh to 5 km/h over the posted limit. This would generate tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue, but there is no evidence that these additional speed-camera tickets will do anything to improve road safety.

Lowering the tolerance level to only 5 km/h over the posted limit would see hundreds of thousands of extra tickets issued to people who research says are the safest drivers – for no purpose other than extra tax.

Mr Swain started touting hidden cameras as the next step to lower the road toll. Fortunately, there is local experience on this. It shows hidden speed cameras do not work.

The Government must realise that hidden cameras are bad policy unsupported by any scientific evidence.

We have to get rid of the permanent political class somehow readers. They treat us like idiots, and they’re stealing more and more from us in their desperate efforts to maintain their cynical self serving one party state political power bloc. Like chameleons, they appear as one thing in opposition, but when in power and under pressure from faceless shiny arsed self serving bureaucrats, they weakly morph into a cowardly copy of their predecessors.

Politics in New Zealand is just a revolving door, allowing a succession of identical socialist goons in and out of our parliament, and it has to change. Otherwise, what’s the point of democracy?

2 thoughts on “Speed Cameras- More Gross Hypocrisy From John Key’s National Party

  1. And talking of hypocrisy and lies and “just another tax”, did you catch up with the following:

    Late payment GST a ‘gateway tax’

    “Consumers may face a 15 per cent increase in late payment fees as businesses look to pass on the cost of adding GST to the payments, a tax expert says.

    A bill introduced to Parliament yesterday, the Taxation (Annual rates, Returns Filings, and Remedial Matters) Bill, includes a provision that GST of 15 per cent must be added to late payment fees charged by businesses.” […]

    The change could be a “gateway tax” leading to the expansion of GST outside of its normal use.

    Late payment fees were neither a good nor a service and therefore were not supported by the “first principles” of GST, he said.

    “It [the bill] is expanding GST beyond its use, and taxing cash flow. Late payment fees are being paid because you have been naughty, not because you have received anything for it.”

    However Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said the bill simply “clarified” that GST was applicable to late payments fees …

    So much for “reducing tax” and getting out of the way of business!
    Marxist scum!


  2. And meanwhile, in the town with the megalomaniacal mayor (who can’t get the trains to run at all, let alone on time), the local Member of Parliament (who has such a broad appeal she would feel quite at home in National, Liarbore or the Greens or likely even John Hatfield’s Mania, has commissioned a feasibility study into … wait for it … TRAMS!

    That’s right, this self-aggrandising leftist muppet wants to know if trams might be economically viable in Auckland. When they’re not anywhere else in the entire world. Everywhere in the world public transport is run off subsidies stolen from people who never use the “service”. This idea is just another one designed to lighten long-suffering Kiwis’ wallets. And the MP for Auckland Central is a hopeless, traitorous POS. Just like her boss.


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