Dislodging The Left

The left have had an iron grip on political power for nigh on four decades maybe longer. As each decade has gone by, they have re-positioned and strengthened that grip to where today they have almost a complete stranglehold on New Zealand. To the point where the opposition party that gave NZers cause to rejoice upon election day is a major disappointment today, only doing the same work as their predecessors, but with a much smarter public face.

There is only one force that will dislodge that grip and that force is unity.

We must unite under the banner of Conservatism with one simple message-

Small government.

The rationale is so simple. Small government means low taxes. Low taxes means there is no money for the left, who have only risen to power by means of redirecting taxpayer funds to their political mission. Cut off the money supply and the left will die like a vampire denied blood.

Therefore there is no profit in fighting amongst ourselves and we cannot afford either to ignore or make turn away the force of Christianity, probably the most powerful political group outside the umbrella of the Progressive left. We need every soldier available.

The left have the government, they have the bureaucracy, they have the union movement, they have the education system, they have local government, they have the entertainment sector and they have the information media. They even have a large part of the church. Most saddening of all, they have our culture and probably even our offspring.

Defeating this huge monolithic force is no easy task, but it can be done.

We must unify as Conservatives and be clear that anyone unwilling to so unite is helping the left. Bickering and picking at each other will weaken the small force we already are and make us even easier meat to the left. We must remain united and grow, and work assiduously to achieve our simple objective of small government.

Unity will eventually give us the beachhead we need to begin the long fight back and a chance to retake all the lost ground. Without it we will remain defeated and ineffective.

16 thoughts on “Dislodging The Left

  1. Quite right. There needs to be a ringfence around “The State.” There should be limits about how far they can and how far they can’t go. I have a preference for say 20% tax. Apparently after that level, govt impositions start inflicting harm & damage. (that progressively increases as tax increases). Can you imagine how the economy would grow with resources flowing to productive areas? There’d be a lot of whining from special interest groups, state employees and gravy train bathers. People need to wake up and be honest. Tax is theft. Personally, I have never given them permission to appropriate the fruit of my labour. I am forced to stand by and let them do it under duress and threats to my personal wellbeing.
    I guess we need to raise the standard & a generation that has higher personal standards than those prepared to live on the proceeds of theft and the hard work of others.


  2. Christians need to stay united in order to defeat the left, but they also need to be united as Christians, not as members of a particular church.
    Because church leadership is flawed and untrustworthy and in some cases simply corrupt.
    The faith is fine. The organisations fronting it aren’t.


  3. And in relatd news, I see Colin Craig has made the eminently sensible decision NOT to stand in Epsom, choosing instead the Rodney electorate. The incredibly popular Lockwood Smith is retiring, and Mark Mitchell is the National Party candidate (who, based on what I know, would be a bloody great asset to the Parliament but for the fact he’s seeking to represent a communist party).

    This is an excellent decision by the Conservative Party. IMHO they stand a good chance of winning the seat, as most of the vote was for Lockwood rather than National.


  4. “In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, Make us your slaves, but feed us.”
    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Grand Inquisitor

    Alas, it’s all over in the national sense, the Statists know what Dos knew.
    We are merely railing against the fading of the light.


  5. “I have a preference for say 20% tax. ”

    Peter- I think there’s a chart somewhere, (maybe on this blog even) that shows that any time gross taxation rises above 20%, the effect is to reduce nett intake.


  6. “We are merely railing against the fading of the light.”
    yes, we are. But rail and fight we must, because abject surrender is unthinkable.


  7. “So I guess if I get to come back from exile, I know where I’ll be living!”

    What’s that old thing about hatched chickens and counting? BTW, I hear Bailleau is just another turncoat.


  8. Baillieu = Key. Fucking traitor.

    And not counting the chickens, but I can’t vote in Rodney (registered in Maungakiekie) so if I happen to get back in the next few weeks (very very very unlikely) I’ll need to quickly switch the registration and cast a vote. I have a number of friends & family in Rodney, so of course I’ll be strong-arming them as well.


  9. “they also need to be united as Christians, not as members of a particular church.”

    The thing is there are so many today who are “Christian” in name only. And while many of them may warm a pew come Sunday morning, often they embrace liberal values and a liberal world-view completely foreign to those espoused in the Bible. In reality they are part of our enemies’ forces.

    And while genuine Christians need to present a united front, those who are not need to be exposed and recognised as being against, rather than for, the cause. Much in the same way as cultural Marxists who masquerade as conservative right-wingers need to be exposed for the chralatans they are.


  10. Some PJ to cheer y’all right up…..

    “On the morning of the 26th, the day after Violeta Chamorro’s victory over Danny Ortega, I walked into the Inter-Continental hotel in Managua and Bianca Jagger was sitting alone in the lobby. Bianca had been ubiquitous during the election campaign: There was Bianca looking smart in an unconstructed linen jacket and yellow socks to match, Bianca looking serious with press pass and camera, Bianca looking thoughtful listening to Jimmy Carter, Bianca looking concerned conferring with Senator Christopher Dodd, Bianca looking committed in simple tennis shoes and neatly mussed hair, Bianca looking important wearing sunglasses after dark. But this morning Bianca looked . . . her age. Here we had a not very bright, fortyish, discarded rock star wife, trapped in the lonely hell of the formerly cute — one bummed-out show-biz lefty.

    I was feeling great myself, ready to turn somersaults over the Ortega defeat, full of good cheer, and pleased with all the world. But then the forlorn, sagging little shape of Bianca caught my eye and, all of a sudden, I felt EVEN BETTER.”

    P. J. O’Rourke, “The Return of the Death of Communism: Nicaragua, February 1990,” in Give War a Chance


  11. I am not sure I can agree with you about small government. Where would we be if everyone had to work for a living ? If we had to get married and then have children and then bring them up ourselves ? If we had to all pay our own way rather than get a benefit or subsidy from the government?
    Just imagine all the ministries of social welfare that would be out of business. All those govt depts would have to close down. All those govt employees would have to find another job? Oh Red how can you be so cruel and heartless?

    For pity’s sake Red, think of the children!


  12. OT

    From Catallaxy…re the NZ CO2 Tax.

    “New Zealand – who really cares? But actually the Nationals are very lukewarm on the whole idea, the tax rate is about $9 per tonne and there are exemptions all over the place. And – wait for this – it is a cap and trade without a cap (mentioned by Schubert). If were not for the fact that the government would have to compensate the holders of permits for lost property rights, they would have ditched the scheme some time ago. Instead, they are opting for the homeopathic solution.”


  13. “Oh Red how can you be so cruel and heartless?”

    Well, just the default position for us greedy selfish right wingers ain’t it? When we’re not eating babies we’re stealing from the poor.


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