Margaret Mutu has “John Key’s Blessing” on Constitutional Reform

John Key rubs noses on Waitangi Day with Tama Iti, who was arrested on suspicion of terrorism in 2007. Police documents allege Iti was preparing for an IRA style "war on New Zealand" to establish an independent Maori state.

A gang of what I call fake Maoris, racists and opportunists is getting together to prepare a plan for Constitutional reform. The gang is lead by Margeret Mutu, a NZer of Scottish / English descent who self identifies as Maori and who demonstrated, during events that recently gave her undue public exposure, that she is somebody who should never be seen within a light year of any country’s Constitution.

The Marxist academics at the blog Kiwipolitico describe Mutu thus-

Margaret Mutu is a racial polemicist who received her professorship as a PC sinecure from an Auckland University administration concerned about placating key constituent groups. She is a second rate rate academic with a third rate publication record espousing fourth rate post-dependency and post-modern subaltern-focused theories. She publishes in obscure journals, mostly without peer review, and in crony academic volumes. Her books are published by local presses and receive no international mention.

Given that the fallout when Marxists disagree is always exceptionally vindictive, this is still a damning indictment of someone who has the PM’s blessing to prepare guidelines for a constitutional review. The NZCPR has a post up called “Leave Our Constitution Alone“. Excerpt-

A Maori academic who says that immigration by whites should be restricted because they pose a threat to race relations due to their “white supremacist” attitudes, is leading an Independent Maori Working Group on constitutional reform. According to Iwi Chairs Forum member Margaret Mutu the group will develop a constitution to be given to the Crown as a model for New Zealand. She claims that their working party has the blessing of not only the Maori Party leader Pita Sharples, but also National Party leader and Prime Minister John Key.

The mainstream media fawns over Key because he fits the mould of an easily manipulated socialist would-be-if-he-could-be. A man with no political principles who can be nudged in any direction the left wish by means of a few well placed newspaper or television stories. Key’s major concern is his personal popularity, and true to his boyhood obsession, clinging to his job as Prime Minister.

He’s no Winston Churchill, who was possessed of courage, and powerful oratory skills that he used to persuade the electorate to follow him down difficult roads. Key just drifts along with public opinion, and public opinion is primarily moulded in this country by left wing academics and their mainstream media acolytes.

That is why John Key gives his blessing to odious assaults on NZ’s constitutional framework. A man with courage and prepared to stand by the National Party’s founding principles would never ever commit such an act of outrageous compromise. John Key is a disaster for the National Party, but with his abject willingness to embrace separatism and racist cronyism he is a bigger disaster for New Zealand. Carelessly selling our culture and western traditions out to a strident self serving minority who should be ignored.

(Hat tip to KG)

19 thoughts on “Margaret Mutu has “John Key’s Blessing” on Constitutional Reform

  1. “Key just drifts along with public opinion, and public opinion is primarily moulded in this country by left wing academics and their mainstream media acolytes…”
    What a perfect description of the man and the environment he inhabits!


  2. And every time I see a prominent European Kiwi rubbing noses with scum such as this I’m reminded of a dog rolling over and offering its throat to a snarling mongrel.


  3. NZs tragedy is that even a binding referendum won’t fix it.
    Part Maori + plus the official Statist forelock tuggers + the well engineered mendicant base are an easy majority here.

    There’s no way back.


  4. That photo of Key and the idiot iti needs to be put up on large billboards and erected all around the country. The photo says a thousand words.


  5. Just remember that Key is rubbing his nose with someone who has been planning violent insurrection in NZ. But for the ineffectiveness of those who wrote the law and the cowardly application of it by those appointed to apply it, he’d be in gaol.


  6. You speak of cherry blossom Perfection, Red…. but I deal in hard cold reality or I go broke.

    Sarah may yet break our hearts……she might decide to run as an Independent, fataly splitting the c-Conservative vote and enable Oby’s return to finish Alinsky’s work.

    I don’t believe she will, even if she declares as an Independent for a year she’ll drop out when the inevitable choice, bloody Romney, is under the gun. Perry’s finished, he just doesn’t know it yet ( aged pensions are a Ponzi scheme…..true, but bye, bye Rick)

    Sarah can’t become President as the Rep candidate, the poll maths are hopeless.
    As an Independent …..a losing spoiler.


  7. That’s all fine Sika, but it doesn’t address my question which was that if Sarah Palin (hypothetically) achieved what you consider to be the impossible and won the Presidency, and given the example that perhaps with persistence and luck and courage the impossible can be achieved, would you modify your opinion on what was do-able in respect of the NZ Maori situation? Or not?

    We all have to make decisions based upon what is real and true, but circumstances can change, and more importantly, with effort and skill and courage and persistence, they can be made to change.


  8. Red, if Sarah is elected POTUS this cycle anything is possible including good physics pre big bang.

    Even dogs and cats living together.

    Even Australia winning the WC.

    “Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
    Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
    Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
    Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
    Mayor: All right, all right! I get the point!”


  9. Red, Pablo’s description of Mutu is absolute correct. Right on the mark. His comment should have been picked up by MSM and print it front-page or first item in the evening news.

    You’re a bit harsh in descriping Pablo as a Marxist. I don’t think he is. He is the only (real) political scientist out of the thousands (fake) political scientists that dominate the left that I do have respect for. Anyway, Pablo is a nice bloke. Very friendly. We used to go to the University Gym together and I’m sure if you meet him in person one day, you’ll find him very pleasant to talk to. Your opinion of him will change and that’s a guarantee.



  10. Well good for you for sticking up for your friend Falafulu.

    I have no opinion one way or the other on what kind of person Pablo may be outside of the political arena. I just know I disagree strongly with his political views.


  11. As long as we’re talking reform of the constitution, I have item #1 for the agenda.
    The Treaty (and we are supposed to see this as a founding constitutional document/arrangement) is a contract between the British Crown, and Maori.
    Given that, there is an immediate and incontrovertible conflict of interest in having a representative of one side (a Maori) acting as the representative for the other side (as Governor General).
    Ms Mutu should be shouting to the rooftops for Gerry Matapouri to be kicked unceremoniously out of Government House. Reckon?


  12. Ah, but would that be “fair”? 🙂

    Margaret Mutu is (IMHO) a Marxist first and a Maori second. Whatever will weaken our country and leave it easy prey to socialist piranha like her, she will go along with.


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