National’s Nikki Kaye- Another Socialist Infiltrator

Nikki Kaye cuddles up with Marxist Hillary Clinton

The NZ Herald has an article up entitled Broadsides: Public broadcasting’s future. It presents views on public broadcasting from Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and National’s MP Nikki Kaye. I’m not interested in addressing what Ardern has to say. In fact I haven’t even read it. I know what she will be saying. Just the usual commie rubbish about would be elitists like Ardern having a legislative “right” to steal money from other NZers because she “likes public broadcasting”. And she will be supported in this by the usual bunch of cronyists who all have some profit in electing politicians they know will support the robbing of the tax payer.

No, it don’t matter a damn what Che Ardern says. She’s true to her political principles though, even if those principles are misguided and destructive. Can’t say the same of Nikki Kaye of course. I doubt she even knows the National Party principles residing in the side bar of this blog even exist. Really she should be in Labour, so she and Ardern can argue among themselves over the finer points of looting the public. Any true National Party politician would be on the opposite side of the house to both of these clueless Marxist loons and confronting them on their idiot ideas.

Kaye’s comments in italics, with my responses after.

Our focus is on funding content and allowing the public to choose how they want to watch it.

If public choice is your main concern, why not allow the public to choose whether they wish to fund public broadcasting (or NZ On Air) by making it by subscription? I’ll tell you. You don’t really give a damn for providing the people with choice.

National is committed to good quality public broadcasting – the provision of information and entertainment for the various audiences within New Zealand. Public broadcasting provides an opportunity to reflect and explore aspects of New Zealand life, and provoke or challenge our thinking. Public money should fund the best possible content for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

This is a paragraph of unbridled piffle. Just socialist double speak for “I want your money and I want to spend it on things I like”. There’s not a fact or an argument in that excerpt, its just wet liberal feelgood cant.

As a New Zealander, I’m proud to see the quality of television content that has been produced with this funding.

More worthless emotive socialist rubbish. So empty. What the hell has being a NZer got to do with it, and what the hell is there really to be proud of in forcing the public to fund your business ventures?

We are presiding over one of the most difficult economic times in New Zealand’s history – the collapse of the finance companies, the global financial crisis, and the Canterbury earthquakes. This year the Government has been borrowing heavily to take the rough edges off the recession for the vulnerable. Against this challenging backdrop the Government had to make a decision about whether or not to continue to fund the commercial-free digital Television New Zealand (TVNZ) channels TVNZ6 and TVNZ7.

Right. Same argument applies to all expenditures on public broadcasting /NZ On Air funding. It is a foolish extravagance and it has to stop. Not only because of the earthquake but because it is wrong in principle. Read the sidebar Nikki.

..we are committed to New Zealanders having their voices heard and stories told.

Blah blah blah.. more empty socialist crap. What a disgrace to the founding principles of National this wittering socialist bimbo really is.

9 thoughts on “National’s Nikki Kaye- Another Socialist Infiltrator

  1. How sickening, vote National and get soft cock John and his bunch of wimpish eunuchs and washed up feminazi wenches that make up his pathetic socialist side show. I detest the socialist scum. Nobody in their minds could vote for the deranged array of political cretins that foolishly claim to act in New Zealand’s best interests. In my dreams I wish I could vote for a decent conservative party that has a few balls. What a sad country. When will kiwi’s stand up against these socialist suckholes? Yeah right!


  2. I bet a million bucks Kaye would like to do more than ‘cuddle’ up to ol’ pantsuits mate.
    Look at that chin of hers , it has had more than it’s fair share of loony , preposterous , and downright ill-informed sh1t running off it than one could imagine.Who the hell would vote for this silly little girl?
    Television and radio just makes me mad , i prefer to listen to my own music and read blogs for real entertainment and information.
    Women like her should really just g.b.t.t.k and let mature grown-ups take care of it.


  3. “provoke or challenge our thinking”

    Challenge our thinking? What like that idiot Holmes with his gang of “Analysts” and “Experts” on the panel? I can’t think of a single thing our tax dollars has produced that has been even remotely worth watching.

    Mind you, gotta keep the drones happy with their daily viewing of garbage like Shortland Street.

    National TV is something I would gladly unsubscribe my tax dollars from.


  4. It isn’t just theft of taxpayer funds for “free” public broadcasting, this “sopping wet liberal” is also encouraging Benito Brown (who can’t make the trains run at all, let alone on time) to steal even more ratepayer funds for fucking TRAMS! TRAMS! Bloody public transport doesn’t survive anywhere in the damn world without massive injections of (stolen) taxpayer funds, and this silly bloody bint wants to investigate whether trams in Auckland are “feasible”?

    At a time when the economy is on the verge of collapse this retarded communist wants more debt, more borrowing and more central control. Bitch has absolutely no business being anywhere near a National Party that bears any resemblance to the party Sid Holland led.


  5. She wouldn’t even have a clue who Sid Holland was. I’ll bet her political knowledge doesn’t go back any further than Headmistress Shipley, another wet liberal who along with Bolger shares a large part of the blame for the National Party’s drift to the far left.


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