“Interest Free Student Loans”- A Phrase Used Car Dealers Would Be Proud Of

I’m so sick of lying left wing politicians referring to government funded grants as free, and “interest free student loans” would be one of the worst and most frequently used examples of this utter lie.

The same bunch of cronyist and vote buying politician suckholes who run around the place spouting this nonsense no doubt sneer at used car salesmen who offer all kinds of gimmicks designed to draw in unwary buyers.

In fact the politicians are far worse, given that the outcome of their lies is the undermining of our democratic system, rather than merely relieving some gape jawed wood duck of a few thousand dollars for a clocked second hand Japanese car.

The interest on student loans, like “free” doctors visits and “free” bus rides etc etc are paid by the damn taxpayer, so shut the hell up with your “interest free” garbage you lying left wing crooks.

If there was any real justice in this country, these cronyist vote buying socialist bastards would be prosecuted for such deliberately misleading garbage.

One thought on ““Interest Free Student Loans”- A Phrase Used Car Dealers Would Be Proud Of

  1. To understand the deep addiction to not just the welfare state but a Pommie style cultural welfare state by a significant number of NZeders, consider the cringing national embarrassment that the depressing little dirge Coronation Street is shown in prime time and attracts a large audience and is talked about by the PM.

    Now you “get” the mentality, you know there is no hope.


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