Another $22 Million TOW Fraud on Taxpayers

Craven Chris delivers more cultural cringe and fake compensation to another bunch of whining losers. I’m damn sick of these vote buying losers continually portraying my ancestors as crooks and murderers and falsely maligning them by way of the bogus TOW tribunal. Finlayson announced Friday that The Crown has signed a Deed of Settlement for all “historical Treaty claims” with the Tūranga iwi Rongowhakaata,

The settlement addresses all of Rongowhakaata’s historical claims, and the Crown will apologise for a number of grievous Treaty breaches. These include the unjustified use of military force in Turanga, the detention without trial of Rongowhakaata prisoners on the Chatham Islands, the summary executions of prisoners at Ngatapa in 1869, and the effective confiscation of a large area of Rongowhakaata land as well as Te Hau ki Tūranga.

It includes financial redress of $22 million plus interest since 2008, and the return of several Crown-owned properties in the Gisborne region. The settlement also includes a specific apology to Nga Uri o Te Kooti Rikirangi and redress to address the ongoing effect of breaches of the Treaty by the Crown in its treatment of Te Kooti Rikirangi.

$22 million bucks stolen from taxpayers, and our ancestors smeared as murderers and crooks, as part of this disgusting political and separatist scam.

Waitangi Tribunal hearings do not use cross-examinations, and this lack of due process has often been criticised, most notably by London Privy Councillor Lord Robin Cooke who said it made it impossible to test adequately some of the material. I’d wager the outrageous findings above would be one of the worst examples of this glaring deficiency of legal scrutiny. With $22 million at stake, these frauds would say anything.

One thought on “Another $22 Million TOW Fraud on Taxpayers

  1. It’s the racism that sickens me. Diluted descendents are somehow more worthy of my money- when you could build a hell of a lot of homes for real people in ChCh.
    More millions. It wont stop any of their problems. Worst state financially since Cook and his men fixed the place. Grrr.


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