Cain Says Chris Christie “Too Liberal”

Herman Cain won’t be supporting Chris Christie any time soon. According to Politico

Cain told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that the New Jersey governor is too liberal to run as a Republican for president because of past policies on immigration, assault weapons, civil unions and global warming.

“I believe that a lot of conservatives, once they know his positions on those things you delineated, they will not be able to support him,” Cain said. “I think that that is absolutely a liability to him, if he gets in the race.”

Damn right Herman. We don’t need no New York RINOs.

3 thoughts on “Cain Says Chris Christie “Too Liberal”

  1. Too right. He’s no better than Romney and the pair of them belong with the Dems. I’m watching the attacks on Cain and Perry ramping up and that’s the best indicator of who the collectivist scum fear the most.


  2. So which Repub gets a guernsey?
    Cain will likely become obviously terminally ill in office. That will be pointed out by the Dems should he be the choice. His Vice Presidential choice would be critical.
    Perry is finished….the more he talks about free college for illegals the more incoherent he becomes.
    Romney is lobbists and subsidies as usual, the RepDem / MSM choice.
    Palin ranks only 4 or 5th amongst Repubs, has had one friendly small poll that puts her within 10 points of Oby. Palin like any 8 other Reps can win if the economy implodes.

    No-one but Christie has the language and street DA toughness to cut through a hostile Oby adoring media. His biggest problem is immigration, the rest are trivial or will disappear from sight , see CAGW.
    Biggest furfy is “assault weapons”, there are a miniscule number of actual assault weapons in legal private hands in the US, it’s a common confusion outside the US.
    AWs are fully automatic, the ownership costs and regs made them rare in legal ownership.
    However what was also banned from further sale were the common semi auto or self loading replica copies, with military style pistol grips and greater than 10 shot magazine capacity. The US owner who thinks he owns an M16 or AK47 AW, doesn’t…..he owns a semi auto.
    Note there is no problem buying centrefire semi autos like the Ruger Mini 14 or any number of brands of semi auto shotguns or handguns.
    So the cry to legalise AWs is a cry to legalise pistol grips and larger magazine capacity.
    Smoke and mirrors.

    Civil unions of homosexuals being called “marriage” won’t happen, either the House or the Senate will zap it as has happened. The State based unions are fine as long as the legislation doesn’t call it “marriage”. Oby couldn’t get it through, what chance Christie?

    That leaves immigration and a diet.


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