The Jackal- Typifying Your Braindead Half Educated Ignorant Socialist/ Marxist Imbecile

Its not enough that this sinister Stalinist stooge puts up his website monitoring what he calls NZ’s “right wing” sites, (which he now appears to have taken down), he has to run all over the net with baseless communist/ Marxist propaganda, like the claim that Tuvalu is being threatened and or destroyed by rising sea levels.

Anyone who has done the most cursory examination of the Tuvalu situation knows that its not a problem related to rising sea levels, mainly because the sea levels have not risen there, and no amount of propaganda from raving lunatic Marxists can change this fact. On his website he has the following garbage-

“The Polynesian Nation known as Tuvalu declared a state of emergency today, because of a lack of clean drinking water. This is undoubtedly due to seawater intrusion contaminating groundwater. It’s an effect of rising sea levels caused by climate change.

The last sentence is an utter fabrication. This is the same lunatic (posting under the name Todd) who assaulted Kiwiblog with a series of utterly deranged posts and then threatened to sue Farrar when he was banned.

What do we learn from this readers? We learn that you do not positively have to be completely deranged, unable to allow truth to intrude upon your perceptions, and to be incapable of processing information to be a leftist, but it certainly helps. The lunatic “Jackal” and his deranged postings confirm that leftism is indeed a mental disease, and he typifies the half educated ignorance and the detachment from reason and reality that so often identifies the left today.

9 thoughts on “The Jackal- Typifying Your Braindead Half Educated Ignorant Socialist/ Marxist Imbecile

  1. For a while I used Right Wing Monitor as a very convenient blogroll & one-stop-shop – looks like he eventually wised up to the service he was providing! TrueBlue is now my first stop of the day.


  2. Funny how the rise is only observable at Tuvalu. Must be a bump in the surface of the sea. All that physics and chemistry stuff about water I was taught in school must have been wrong.


  3. There seems to be a fair bit of name calling going on without much substance. I’m not a Stalinist, Marxist nor am I mentally ill, deranged or a lunatic! Perhaps you feel a bit threatened that my post about Tuvalu is backed up by scientific research.

    I deleted the Rightwing Monitor website because I was not using it, it was not receiving many hits and I do not have the time to maintain it, which is a prerequisite for my websites. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    [Please read the posting policy at the top of the sidebar. I have no intention of allowing this site to be used as a forum by Marxists, communists, socialists or other such political vermin. If you have anything to say on this issue, say it at the Standard, or your own site, or some other place where Marxist propaganda is welcomed. -Redbaiter]


  4. Liberalism is not a disease it is an illness .in the same way that a lack of vitamin D causes rickets, a moral deficiency causes liberalism, progressivism, socialism ,and all the other ills of our world


  5. “Scientific research” eh…..lolol! Gullibility is certainly a necessary qualification to be a liberal jerk-off.
    But give ’em their due–they can type amazing amounts of crap one-handed…


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