Video- Moron Marxist Protesters, Half Educated Incoherent Knuckle Draggers

This is a short but sweet video from the recent left wing anti-capitalist demonstrations in the US. FOX News’s Jesse Watters does the interviewing. Watch it and see who the utterly mindless indoctrinated dromgools who buy into this Marxist crap really are.

6 thoughts on “Video- Moron Marxist Protesters, Half Educated Incoherent Knuckle Draggers

  1. Proving that nobody ever lost a plug nickel underestimating the intelligence of America’s useful idiots.

    That’s me making Mencken and Lenin correct simultaneously.


  2. erikter, Ron Paul is a nut. Maybe that’s why the Statist media covered his comments. But broadcasting the words coming out of the mouth of a nut, it discredits the comments. Few people will recall that a broken clock is right twice a day and think his utterance more foolishness.

    The Buma should indeed have gone to court and gotten a court review months before his actions here. It’s not like this was a life and death instant need for force. That’s only one argument about why the Buma’s actions are dangerous and I don’t want to hijack this thread further. There is not a dissenter in the world they could not summarily outlaw and then offed in this manner. That includes you and me. When RB wants to open it up for discussion, I will.


  3. Good article on what’s wrong with the Wall Street protesters. Headline linked by Drudge the other day.

    Ron Paul’s right on the terrible precedent of the US government killing its own citizen. That the precedent set is in the case of an almost certain terrorist and conspirator in the killing of other Americans merely shows how wrong it is. IOW, it’s the only type of example they would dare set such a precedent with.

    Because once precedents are set, it becomes easier to do that which was even-more-unthinkable before…

    Pointing out what a scumbag this Awlaki is is not an argument against Ron Paul’s point about this indeed being a very bad step that has been taken.

    Just a thought: Can the US government revoke the citizenship of someone? Would need someone with expertise to answer this. But if it *were* possible, then every dirtbag terrorist like this guy could simply be declared a non-US citizen and then killed like any other terrorist. And no problem there.


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