Herman Cain- New Zogby Poll Puts Him 20 Points Up On Romney

Yahoo News reports

a Zogby poll released Thursday showed Herman Cain leading the Republican field, topping former front-runner Mitt Romney by an astonishing 20 points. Cain would also narrowly edge out Obama in a general election, the poll found, by a 46 to 44 margin.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, would lose by a point to the president, 40 percent to 41 percent. Texas governor Rick Perry, who has slipped in the polls of late, would lose to the president 45 percent to 40 percent.

The poll found that 38 percent of Republican primary voters said they would vote for Cain if the primary were held today. Eighteen percent said they would throw their support to Romney, while 12 percent each said they would vote for Perry and Texas congressman Ron Paul. No other candidate attracted double-digit support.

4 thoughts on “Herman Cain- New Zogby Poll Puts Him 20 Points Up On Romney

  1. Ominous.
    If Romney, Cain and Perry are still losing by 1 to 5 points to Oby, what does the incompetent incumbent have to do to be chucked out?


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