The Rena- Fear Not, Simon Bridges Is On To It

NewstalkZB reports that Tauranga National Party politician Simon Bridges has been out on a boat to view the grounded ship, Rena, and says it is a sight to behold. He says from a layman’s perspective the sheer size and scale of the situation is troubling.

“I’ve been out and about over the last day or so and certainly people are very concerned, they can see that something grim in unfolding before our eyes here in Tauranga, so the mood’s not good.”

The report goes on to say that Mr Bridges “has full confidence in the authorities carrying out the rescue and salvage operation.”

Well good for you Simon. I have no confidence at all, and I reckon it will be just another daft ballsup of the kind this country is becoming more and more known for. (Pike River, WRC etc) Comment from an interesting discussion on the incident on the NZ Fishing website

I have contacts that have been on the ship today. The bottom of the ship is starting to crack which is why you now have fuel leaking from one of the tanks. The source expects that the ship will break up but the back part should float as there is a water tight bulkhead. The expected release of fuel is around 200mt form the tanks which will be broken. The idiots are also using an oil dispersant which DOES NOT work on heavy fuel oil ifo380 which this ship uses all it’s going to do is kill fish and the surrounding reef. Apparently it’s like a madhouse on board no ones knows what the he’ll is going on or can make a decision. They have appointed a german salvage company but don’t expect tugs anytime soon. The only barges able to get the fuel out are sitting in Auckland as no one make a decision. This is going to be bad!!!! Will update as I get more info.

How many days is it now and in near perfect weather, nothing has been done?

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  1. Yes, the Oozlum bird has been seen on the wing around the Port of Tauranga…

    “when startled, the bird will take off and fly around in ever-decreasing circles until it manages to fly up itself, disappearing completely, which adds to its rarity”

    Truly, ‘a sight to behold’.


  2. When did clusterfucks become the NZ way? Thirty years ago Kiwis would have simply got stuck in and done what’s necessary.
    It seems that screw ups rise in direct proportion to the number of bureaucrats involved.
    (incidentally, it seems what we were saying at the time about Pike River being a clownfest turned out to be right, too.)


  3. Everybody is too scared to make a decision because the “Royal” Commission that is bound to follow will have to find someone to blame, and they don’t want to be it.

    Apparently the problems are getting the thick goo off the vessel – the stuff needs to be heated to move it and then there are problems with it cooling down in the pipes, damage to the bunker barge (which is in Auckland), etc, etc, and there is no suitable floating crane to get the containers off. There are also plenty insurance representatives running around protecting their assests (is that how one spells it).

    Looks like Tauranga is going to have a new dive site eventually.


  4. Why doesn’t the ship have a double oil boom surrounding it?

    Why haven’t the ship’s fuel tanks been pumped empty of its mostly unspilt oil?

    Sounds more like the Cave Creek genre than anything, ie no-one knows much about the obvious………..the “authorities” concerned are still likely meeting about where to have a meeting.


  5. And if dithering NZ has no suitable kit, Australia does, it takes 3 days to cross the Tasman.

    Time to ask the adults.

    Public service “decision making”, ya gotta laugh or you’d cry.


  6. “3 days to cross the Tasman”

    A Herc or something bigger like a C17 Globemaster or a hired Russkie Antonov could be across the ditch with all the gear and manpower by nightfall. Bugger the cost, the ship owners will pay.


  7. Errr….ship born pumps do not fly well.

    Correct re the booms……..why is this still “unboomed” …. days later?

    it’s almost as if a catastrophic spill would be good for “business” re the future power and funding of the Department concerned.


  8. Unreal to think one of the country’s largest import/export sites doesn’t have at least half the gear. Go with pm’s above comment. The Greeks might have no money, but the Chinese will certainly buy all the scrap metal.


  9. “ship borne pumps do not fly well”

    I’m sure somewhere out there on planet earth is a portable pump rig of suitable size that could be flown in and plonked on a large barge or on the acres of upper deck of a large ship to create a temporary pumping platform. As I said, add it to the bill.


  10. Yeah, absolutely useless.
    About the level of response one would expect from a bureaucratically top-heavy cover-your-arse-no-matter-what socialist shit’ole like New Zealand.

    Do we see parallels with Obama’s response at the time of the spill in the gulf? Sure seems like it.

    Socialism: A disaster looking for somewhere to happen.


  11. I see Steven Joyce is on his way there now.

    Yep, he’ll be a great help.

    Probably put a speed camera out there to make sure the salvage crews don’t drive their boats too fast.


  12. Another indoctrinated affirmative action moron-

    Maritime New Zealand spokeswoman Sophie Hazelhurst says its unfortunate four dead birds have been found.

    She says today they will be on beaches near the area working to see if there are any other affected animals.

    There will also be shoreline assessment teams on Papamoa Beach today identifying vulnerable areas and assessing clean up options.

    For fuck’s sake, this silly bitch’s focus should be on the rescue of the boat and its cargo, which so many businesses in NZ are waiting on.


  13. We’re expected to think, being the well engineered comrades that we are, that the demise of a few / few hundred birds is a tragedy beyond collective comprehension.

    Sophie sweetness, don’t clean them….put them down and save the money and the handwringing.
    The bird population is not threatened.
    It will recover.


  14. “There will also be shoreline assessment teams on Papamoa Beach today identifying vulnerable areas and assessing clean up options…”
    They should be able to drag that out for a few weeks, at least.


  15. I suppose now that Head Boy Joyce has been sent to report on proceedings, the recently unemployed Smile and Wave will turn up for an “I’m very concerned” photo-op being seen to be doing something on Monday morning just to start your week off.


  16. Look on the bright side….this is big dollar clean up time for helicopter operators.

    Joycey, Key and even our Sophie will be doing “inspection” flights bringing their vast technical knowledge of oil spill containment to the matter. Apparently the aforementioned desk clerk mentalities have taken more than 4 days to decide the situation needs some containment booms.
    I’m guessing a temporary ATC control zone around the ship will be needed to prevent the coming 10 helicopters in attendance colliding.

    The last time I used a Squirrel it was NZ$2400/hour.


  17. As soon as I saw a bald headed, pencil necked “public servant” front up on telly [complete with rectangular ‘eye-wear’] I said to myself: “Pike River all over again. This is not going to end well.”.

    NZ: the Disaster is not out there in the bay, down the mine shaft or under the collapsed building, it’s sitting around the conference table.


  18. I blame the education system for the hull up. Some one has made a spelling mistake in the preliminary paper work which must be re-submitted before matters can proceed.


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