David Farrar- “Pinko Liberal” Far Too Kind

David Farrar, a blogger who frequently appears on the communist propaganda outlet Radio New Zealand, and who also writes a column for the far left newspaper the NZ Herald apparently goes through some strange emotional changes if he’s challenged on being the centre-rightist he claims to be. Talking of his RNZ appearances on his blog today, he said-

“Occasionally the other panelist has been someone who makes me look like a bleeding heart pinko liberal. This frightens me and amuses me in around equal proportions.”

A strange and conflicting statement. Being frightened and amused at the same time is an emotional state most people would have trouble arriving at. Maybe its because deep within himself he perceives the allegation as having more than a grain or two of truth.

Its not hard to make Farrar look like a pinko. In fact he’s far worse than that, and for such a left wing puppet to ponce about the NZ political scene claiming to represent any kind of right wing political perspective is another clear pointer to how stunted the political spectrum in the country really is.

He has positioned himself as a kind of roly-poly house pet of the far left. He now writes for the left wing mainstream press, he’s a fan of and frequently appears on taxpayer funded radio and TV, he cheers for the climate change tax, and his blog is pretty much an unending advertising outlet for the wet social liberals and socialist goons who currently control National. The poseurs and fakes and frauds who have taken it so far from its founding anti-socialist principles, and who are almost all basically interchangeable with Labour.

Farrar is a big part of what I call the fake right in NZ. Meaning people who claim to oppose the left, but go to a lot of trouble to fashion themselves into the kind of “opposition” the left approves of, and who spinelessly pander to the left’s social directives.

By means of their misguided subjugation to the Marxist dictates of the Progressives and social liberals, those self described “center rightists” such as Farrar have given the left a beach head in our society it will take generations to drive them back from.

Its Farrar and his jelly backed compromising misguided lot who have got us to where we are today. Their failure to resist has allowed the left too many victories, to the extent that todays’ Nats are further left than the Labour party of a couple of decades ago.

Farrar and his left wing clique have frequently undermined and slandered the true right. For example using the same “extreme” label as Labour in attacking some of ACT’s relatively mild policies.

It is essential that we move away from the common misconception that Farrar and his left liberal ilk represent right wing thought and opinion in NZ, or we’ll never get out from under the heel of the left’s jackboot.

Whale has something to say on this too.

8 thoughts on “David Farrar- “Pinko Liberal” Far Too Kind

  1. Spot on, Red.
    One only has to look at how many of the once regular conservative right-wing commenters who used to frequent ‘Farrar’s Funny Farm’ who have given up even attempting to comment there.
    The phrase “sellout and opportunistic trougher” comes to mind.
    Is it really worth the thirty pieces of silver you collect on a regular basis, David???


  2. The enemies of freedom have often been posers as such. We are so far down the road to hell.Your average “conservative” doesn’t know what he is supposed to believe. Or what it all means. The National Party is little more than a social club. What else would they talk about? The nice Mr Key and his lovely smile? They’d follow anybody who puts on a blue suit


  3. Farrar’s is not a true ideological position at all–it’s the position a vertebrate assumes when the spine is removed.


  4. “but anyone who doesn’t support this simply cannot call themselves a conservative in any way, shape, or form..”
    Perhaps not, but they can at least call themselves sane.


  5. My conservatism is about the sovereign individual, Sinner.
    You can stick your compulsions up your primary fundamental……
    China, Singers and Switzerland are not my role models.
    Israel is in a constant state of combat…..you understand the different circumstances, don’t you.

    Though I see China does have something to teach us…..bwaaa.
    “* elimination of leftist discourse
    * elimination of leftists tendencies, organisations, individuals”


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