Rena- Maritime NZ Refused Use of Oil Transfer Barges Day Ship Hit Reef

This seems like a major blunder by the “authorities. The NZ Herald reports that

on the day the Rena struck the reef, Maritime NZ declined an offer of two inflatable barges which could pump up to 100 tonnes of oil at a time.

The offer was made by Ronald Winstone, of Lancer Industries, who said the two barges would have easily emptied the ship of toxic oil in the four days of clear weather after the Rena ran aground.

“It would have taken them 17 trips to pump all the fuel off the ship and three or four days wouldn’t have been unrealistic for that to have happened.

“It doesn’t make sense why they didn’t start pumping the oil earlier when they had the equipment to do it.”

A Maritime NZ spokesman said Mr Winstone’s offer was logged with its operations division, and “if they needed it they would have followed it up”.

As people were saying, the fine weather at the time of the initial accident provided a window that should have been utilised. This story needs fiurther detail, but on the face of it, it seems to confirm suspicions that the damage occurring now from the break up of the ship could have been considerably reduced if not for NZ’s preoccupation with bureaucracy and the resultant downgrading of common sense.

7 thoughts on “Rena- Maritime NZ Refused Use of Oil Transfer Barges Day Ship Hit Reef

  1. It’s a face thing…..better the oil spreads than the Dept is embarrassed.
    Depts don’t like help from the private section, it speaks of a loss of control and lack of preparation by the Dept.
    That’s all that stopped them from using all the resources available immediately.


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  3. And if they’re going to arrest and charge the captain of the Rena, then should they not, too, arrest and charge key personal in Maritime NZ for their inaction and lack of follow-up relating to the above cited offer?!

    When are our bureaucrats and politicians going to start taking responsibility for their actions, or, as in this case, their IN-ACTION?!


  4. I wish we had a real justice system; where skippers and bureaucrats were given a shovel and a wheel-barrow and not allowed a day off until they’ve cleaned up the mess.
    (Also, IMO reparation labour should come AFTER the mess is sorted- by the culprits)


  5. This should be investigated same like with the crew!

    If this is true – there must be consequenses !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Akting is better than talking and cleaning


  6. This is NZ.
    There are no legal “consequences” for the political Establishment that aren’t obfuscated away.
    Cave Ck

    “Slip sliding away……”


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