Farrar Re-Categorizes Self to “Leaning Right”

From self identifying as “centre right” I see where David Farrar today has downgraded that description to “leaning right”? Probably a more accurate classification.

However the claim that having Farrar as a guest “balances” out the raging extreme left tilt of radio NZ’s usual ratbag pack of propagandists stretches it too far.

Farrar is what I would term a right wing Labourite. He belongs in the Labour party and if he was true to his political ideals, should be working in that party to bring it back from its current extreme position.

Given his obvious contempt for National’s founding principles, he’s certainly not needed in that party and he is one of those who have over the last few decades dragged the Nats so far left they are today only very slightly different to Labour.

Of course he does the left wing propagandists in NZ a big favour by self identifying as a right winger, for they can then claim balance by allowing Farrar a voice. In fact, its just another act of deceit by the left whose end game is a one party socialist state.

Farrar’s own blog with its frequent left wing styled attacks on Conservatives and its majority of left wing commenters or toadying social liberal sycophants, (whom he allows to viciously abuse any Conservative who bothers to show up there) is all the evidence you would need that Farrar leans left rather than right. Or at very best, and as he says himself, a leftist who “leans right”.

8 thoughts on “Farrar Re-Categorizes Self to “Leaning Right”

  1. As are most on the “right” spectrum in NZ, (Slater, Farrar, Cactus, Roarprawn etc) they’re in lock step with the left on social / cultural issues – naively believing they are advocates of freedom and “equality” (left-wing newspeak alert !) The only point of contention with the left is over who gets to spend the money and how much government can take.


  2. Had a quick flick back to KB .Tried with my eyes closed !
    He is attracting more and more lefty clingons, like sand to an oil slick.
    Had to get out of there fast.


  3. If he leans to the right, it’s only because he jerks with the left! I remember one time he chucked a proper hissy fit when, after claiming that were he American he would “definitely” be a Republican, someone (may have been you, Red) informed him he was deluding himself and he’d be at best a Dimmo-Krat or at worst a RINO. There was a real tantrum that time!


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