The Killing Fields Of America

Marxists kill people. First they infiltrate the education system. Then they unionize. Then they convert the education system into an indoctrination process. Then they turn out stupid indoctrinated amoral Marxists.

Then they encourage these stupid half educated well indoctrinated amoral Marxists to agitate for change. Then they organise street demonstrations. From these street demonstrations they move on to large scale social disorder.

Then with the help of a friendly President, they introduce Martial law. Then they postpone elections. Then they take power completely and fully. Then they start killing people.

This is the plan in America today. What we are witnessing are the first feeble attempts of the Marxists in implementing the fuller plan. Doubt it? Every assertion in the above paragraphs is underpinned by fact and by events in history.

The American education system at every tier is largely controlled by the left. They have produced masses of stupid grunting incoherent robots who are now in the streets unable to even tell people why they are there. And they don’t know. They’ve just had their heads filled with Marxist class warfare crap and nothing else.

They cannot think, they cannot reason, they cannot express themselves. They have no vocabulary. They’re the output of the left controlled education system and they’re exactly what the left need to implement their plan. Unquestioning knuckle dragging morons without a clue, but more importantly, without any kind of moral base.

They’re just the kind of ignorant thugs the left always need, to don the uniforms and the caps, and the boots, and go out and start herding people into trucks and taking them to killing fields and executing them. Without remorse and without an intelligent thought as to their actions.

Glenn Beck said yesterday that the plan of the Marxists is “to drag us into the streets and kill us.” He’s right, and he should know that when it happens, he’ll be one of the first up against the wall.

What is happening in America today is a forerunner to the Marxist plan as it has been carried out throughout modern history. Unless America wakes up, there will be killing fields there as there has been in every other country where Marxists have snatched power. All the usual ingredients are present, especially with Obama in the White House. All that’s still needed is the spark to ignite the violence.

13 thoughts on “The Killing Fields Of America

  1. One of the real tragedies of what is occurring today is that there are still reasonable and educated persons out there who really have no idea of what is going on around them.


  2. In the book “The Year of Living Dangerously”, the writer is not worried by the threat of advancing Cambodian communist troops, as he believes they will be able to be reasoned with.

    When they arrive, they are jack booted incoherent thugs with no education, no morality, no compassion and no wish to reason. Just robotic killers.

    The kind of people the left must have for their totalitarian plans to bear fruit.


  3. The worrying aspect to this is that so many ordinary, decent Americans still believe their countrymen to be incapable of doing it. By the time they wake up it will very definitely be too late. Forget the bravado about resisting with guns–they’ll stand by and watch as their neighbour is taken away and hope they’re too inconspicuous to be noticed. But of course, with bureaucratic databases nobody is inconspicuous these days.
    Gun down a few families in the neighbourhood in a very public display of strength, and the rest will meekly board the buses.


  4. Some Democrat Congresswoman has already called for a suspension of elections because America is in dire straits… know…only the Dems can fix the problem…


  5. A brilliant essay, and one with which I heartiuly wish I could find some disagreement.

    A commenter sent me this last night and I published it thinking it was original to him, but he clarified, and I simply linked to the original here. Thank you very much.

    I do so wish you were even a tiny bit wrong.


  6. Gotta agree, came over from Og’s link, and you pretty much nailed it… One difference over here though, we STILL have our guns as the final fall back… Soap box, ballot box, bullet box (if required)!


  7. “One difference over here though, we STILL have our guns as the final fall back…”

    Yep, that’s true.

    So far any way.

    Beware the incrementalism of the Marxist.


  8. If more than 20-30% of the Armed Forces fall in behind the resident n chief, we will be in for a very long and bloody conflict, of which the outcome can not be easily foretold. Yes, the people are well armed (and becoming increasingly so, with each passing day), but if there is a large enough military presence, (unless the other 70-80% adhere to their sworn oath) with their access to all the tools of their trade …

    The upcoming presidential election (should it be allowed to be held, or its results, allowed to take place) is our last chance, with using the system put in place by our founding fathers. Failing that, it’s time for a massive pruning of the tree of liberty.


  9. The other point is that Obama, or at least the Progressives, have over the years been stacking the armed forces with a command structure that thinks like them.


  10. Ok, so we let a dozen or more go free because some idiot/s got the rules over surveillance wrong. I just hope as a nation we wake up in time. Is that possible, Rb?


  11. A friend of mine, originally from England, has been here 10 years (since before 9/11) and has watched this country change. She has a true outsider’s viewpoint, and for all intents when she got here, she was a socialist from a socialist country. But she’s not a socialist, and doesn’t want socialism for America.

    The point she made to me was “They didn’t pass a budget in 2009, and nothing happened. They keep doing all these things you say are against your ‘Constitution’ and nothing is happening. Nobody is doing anything. Your Constitution is meaningless. Everyone is just taking it. What would happen if they cancelled the election?”

    Her point isn’t to make a prediction that there will be no election. Her point is just to ask the question – “What would happen if there wasn’t one?” The question is, unfortunately, self-answering.


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