Hydraulic Fracturing- Ignore the Whining Commies, Let’s Get On With It

Anti-capitalist leftist loons across the globe are attacking western economies on many fronts. Among the more significant of these attacks is their current assault on hydraulic fracturing, or fraccing as it is called in the industry.

Fraccing is the process of pumping special fluids into an oil or gas bearing formation at very high pressure with the aim of increasing the flow potential of the productive formation. These fluids can be very specialized or they can be plain water, depending on the situation. Sometimes explosives are used rather than fluid under pressure.

Shale gas is a cheap energy source that will allow tremendous economic growth in the west. Naturally the communists want to undermine it, and the attacks on fraccing are part of this strategy.

The Marcellus Shale field in Ohio has had around 80,000 wells drilled into its production zones and most if not all of these have been fracced. The fraccing operations have been strictly monitored by Ohio’s state Environmental Protection Agency. There have been no damaging or destructive side effects recorded. No hazards were ever posed to drinking water in the surrounding areas.

Fraccing has proved to be one of the safest and cleanest methods for extracting natural gas. In 2009 it created 72,000 jobs in the US.

We need it here in NZ, and we can do so much better than listen to the incoherent whining and the fifth rate unscientific and technically ignorant analysis of fear mongering Watermelons like Catherine Delahunty and her mainstream media comrades (like Tracy Barnett).

We need the gas, we need the energy and we need the employment, and given there’s really no rational case against fraccing then let’s get the hell on with it.

16 thoughts on “Hydraulic Fracturing- Ignore the Whining Commies, Let’s Get On With It

  1. I think you need to rethink your stance on fraccing. In South Africa our communist govt. is about to give in to the cash bait that the oil companies are dangling under their greedy noses and allow fraccing in one of the most ecologically fragile part of SA, the Karoo. The oil giants have polluted and corrupted so much of Africa already – they explore then exploit totally. Shame on you for supporting this practice. SHAME ON YOU!!!!


  2. Fraccing is not all sweetness and light. Ground water quality is known to be adversely affected by this practice.


  3. Ground water is extracted from shallow aquifers by means of wells that generally don’t exceed 100-500 metres in depth. 1000 metres is a very deep groundwater well.

    Gas is generally at depths from 2000 metres to 5000 metres with many an aquaclude separating the different geological layers.

    Fraccing material can be entirely neutral in its composition.

    There was no problems with 80,000 wells in the Marcellus field.

    The fear mongering campaign against fraccing is underpinned by exaggeration and lies, as are most concerns driven by the watermelons.

    Jenni’s entirely emotionally based opposition (above) is a good example of the reasonless fear it produces. We need jobs and prosperity, not to be hidebound in poverty by screeching wimmin without a clue.


  4. Well…It didnt take long at all for a couple of “frackers” to appear.
    Notice how “Jenni” wants to put some guilt on you, Twice trying to get you to feel some SHAME.
    Remind you of any other bullshit cause?
    Note to “Jenni” This target might be a tad hard for you, Pick a softer one, Children maybe?


  5. Jenni is a fine example of the success of propaganda on uninformed minds. I’ve absolutely no doubt, though, that Jenni also uses plastic products, relies on transport fuelled by oil and wears tanned leather shoes–and tanning is one of the dirtiest processes known to man.
    Very selective outrage, isn’t it?


  6. What happened to Key’s vaunted “science advisor”? He’s been very quiet lately. But then, the job was always meant to give a veneer of legitimacy to Key’s spineless green-pandering……


  7. With any luck the majority of frac sites are directly under eyesore, community destroying wind power “generator” farms, that only function in the market because of compulsion or subsidy.


  8. From link: I got to “…work on improving the role of evidence in policy formation…” and then gave up.


  9. Far better for the Greenies to let power bills rise ever more and thus harm living standards further.
    Far better for businesses to become uneconomic as they flee off shore.
    Who will pay for welfare then?
    Far better for us to be unemployed and in the dark.
    That’s the Green way of thinking.
    You could be impolite Red and say the Greenies can get fracked!


  10. We should stop making apologetic noises about pollution and say simply that modern life–like modern driving–involves a certain degree of risk and some real costs.
    Too effing bad–if you don’t like that fact, greenoid then move to an undeveloped country and live in the unspoiled paradise you admire so much.


  11. Check out Canadian and South African sources for some pros and cons of fraccing [fracking] – two countries where this technology is in full, practical swing. The ground water effects make for particularly interesting reading.

    Food for thought: An interesting legal concept in South Africa is that one does not own the minerals found on or under one’s private land – the state does. This means that an authorised mining / exploration company can move onto any designated land and start operations without any by-your-leave or consent of the landowner.


  12. Another quick thought: Fraccing / Fracking would never work in NZ because its very name is awkward and ugly.

    If a name as smooth and as benign as “gee ee” got the bum’s rush in Godzone, “Fracking” has no chance of gaining the necessary public acceptance – it sounds like some council estate rough sex technique ripped from the pages of Urban Dictionary.com.


    • Fraccing / Fracking would never work in NZ because its very name is awkward and ugly

      Joking aside, you seem to think fraccing is something new.

      Its been done in NZ for decades, as it has been done elsewhere.

      I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess its at least 50-75 year old technology. As old as the drilling industry practically.


  13. Sooner or later, we’re going to be forced into a real cost/benefit analysis of energy sources and that’s going to have to virtually ignore a whole lot of aesthetic environmental concerns.
    Exploit the earth or die. It really will be that simple.
    Sure, we can work to minimise the impact of mining and drilling etc, but sooner rather than later barrels of oil will have to have a higher priority than the green-titted swamp frog which most people will never have heard about, let alone seen, until it was recruited by the greens.


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