..And They Wonder Why We Get Friggin’ Angry?

The NZ Herald reports

Maoridom’s giant $2 million show boat opens to visitors on Friday for an 11-day season at Viaduct Harbour on Auckland’s waterfront.

The 74.8m long Waka Maori stands proud and prominent among the ranks of moored super yachts and like them it mixes business with pleasure.

An entertainment centre in and around it on Te Whero Island will show Maori bands, kapa haka and traditional instruments, a daily celebration of Maori rugby, as well as an artisans’ village of carvers and weavers, and Maori business promotions.

A dawn blessing yesterday by Ngati Whatua o Orakei kaumatua was attended by Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples and later there was a welcome for members of other iwi involved in construction attended by associate Minister of Maori Affairs Georgina te Heuheu.

This included carvers from the NZ Maori Arts and Crafts Institute who will be operating in one of the adjacent marquee.

Waka Maori will be officially unveiled by Prime Minister John Key

International Rugby Board representatives will be among those attending the booked-out function.

Tribal owner Ngati Whatua o Orakei contributed $100,000 of the cost and taxpayers the rest.

What does this Waka do?

It symbolizes so much of what is so seriously wrong in NZ today. It symbolizes waste and extravagance. It symbolizes corruption. It symbolizes the arrogance of the political class, It symbolizes the sickening cultural and racial cringe that is splitting this country. It symbolizes the utter fakery of the Maori “tribal” syndrome. It symbolizes the enslavement of NZ’s producers.

Jellyback John Key is there of course making sure he has the political support of his “good friends”, the racist and separatist Pita Sharples and the ‘white holocauster’ Turiana Turia.

Criminal that in these hard times taxpayer’s money is wasted on such an arrogant useless and decadent monstrosity.

4 thoughts on “..And They Wonder Why We Get Friggin’ Angry?

  1. Noted that the elite mendicants often wear Italian suits and drive Beamers.
    All you can do in the end is avoid as much tax as possible, to not be part of paying for it.


  2. All I can say is that in todays troubled times, with comrades everywhere, with mass data storage, paper trails are forever…..don’t have one.


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