Widespread Hate at Sporting Events A Manifestation of Degenerating Societies

Some people may not know this, but there was a time when booing someone taking a shot at goal was just not done. In fact, booing was something very infrequently heard at sporting events, and rugby matches in particular. Theodore Dalrymple, who writes frequently on such issues as our slide into the amoral Marxist swamp, has this to say about it-

Many remarked upon the gentleness of British behavior in public. Homicidal violence and street robberies were vanishingly rare. But it wasn’t only in the absence of crime that the gentleness made itself felt.

British pastimes were peaceful and reflective: gardening and the keeping of pigeons, for example. Vast sporting crowds would gather in such good order that sporting events resembled church meetings, as both George Orwell and anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer (writing in 1955) noted.

Newsreels of the time reinforce the point. The faces of people in sports crowds did not contort in hatred, snarling and screaming, but were peaceful and good-humored, if a little pinched and obviously impoverished.

No person with the slightest apprehension of human psychology will be surprised to learn that as a consequence of this change in character, indictable crime has risen at least 900 percent since 1950.

In the same period, the homicide rate has doubled—and would have gone up ten times, had it not been for improvements in trauma surgery and resuscitation techniques. And all this despite the fact that the proportion of the population in the age group most likely to commit crimes has fallen considerably.

Dalrymple’s observations on the decline in the character of the British apply equally as well to New Zealand. Or perhaps even more so. Ugly and contorted faces among rugby crowds have definitely increased.

via The Quivering Upper Lip – The British character: from self-restraint to self-indulgence.

3 thoughts on “Widespread Hate at Sporting Events A Manifestation of Degenerating Societies

  1. Dalrymple is such a great oberver.He is always bang on.
    I was at the Argentina /England game in Dunedin & the behaviour of large segments of the jeering crowd (appeared to be NZers supporting Arg) was disgraceful.
    Booing the kicker was done by both sides though and has no place in “sports.
    But then how much of these events are any longer about sports. They are spectacles to host the masses.


  2. Surely you exaggerate the “twisted” faces, Red.
    Rugby, with all its marketing corruption, is still the game they play in heaven.
    It’s by far the most sophisticated game on earth.
    Chess + Infantry combat.

    The modern crowd shows classic standard NZ passive-aggressive behaviour that can exhibit anonymously in a group. Hence it’s attraction.

    We desperately need two separate National anthems…….to suit the times……and optional haka participation, I think it’s culturally oppressive for European Kiwis but fine for Maori Kiwis.


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