The Green Left Media- A Conspiracy of Deceit Heralding the Death Of Journalism

NZ political commentators are not nearly so varied in their media opinions as their Australian colleagues. A large part of that difference is I think, down to The Australian newspaper and private education. The left still control Australia, but the counter offensive is much stronger there than in NZ. (hence Bob Brown’s attacks on The Australian)

NZ media identify pretty constantly with the left, but I have noticed over the last few years, a gradual drift away from the Labour style of leftism, to the Green style of leftism.

I guess this is due to new journalists being completely soaked in green propaganda by the Green’s use of the education system to force their religious convictions on gullible and impressionable youth. Much like Hitler did with his brown shirted Hitler Jugend.

Well, I guess that’s one way to do it if your arguments cannot be seen as convincing to rational and worldly wise adults.

So we’re seeing a shift away from Labour style leftism to the equally as destructive leftism of the watermelons, and most of this shift is driven by the mainstream media, which is today determined to propagandise for the “green” left.

The media’s sympathy for nakedly Marxist left wing causes has brought it far enough into disrepute, and I wonder just what it now seeks to do to the craft of journalism by turning it into an even worse propaganda device for “green” Marxism.

Whereas the routine Marxist style left only relied on a kind of ideological untruth, the Green Marxists have to actually lie straight out. For example, the old left would say something conceptual like “Nirvana awaits all who embrace Marxism”.

Whereas the new “green” left says capitalism is destroying the world and the truth of this statement can be demonstrated by means of the fact that Tuvalu is being submerged by rising sea levels.

Tuvalu is not being submerged by rising sea levels. This is a lie. However the media, and the pathetic little brainwashed noobs working within that discredited profession, stubbornly cling to this lie.

So we have a much more serious distortion of truth than we had before. Journalists who are brainwashed with Green propaganda straight out lie for their cause. They present distortions of fact and perversions of truth and they do it often and unashamedly.

In NZ there is virtually no dissent from the green Marxist political line in the mainstream media. So we have the trade of journalism being utterly abused to bring us not only Marxist driven ideological rubbish, but also to weave into that deceit, straight out lies to benefit the Green Party.

NZ is awash in green lies. These lies emanate from the mouths of politicians, but are just as widely propagated by a perverted media filled with Goebbels like propagandists rather than traditional journalists.

I think many people are awake to the fact that NZ’s media are a bunch of lying watermelons. This awareness can only grow as the lies become more widespread and more blatant. You would think real journalists would do something to preserve their craft wouldn’t you?

I guess they are just too few in numbers these days. Or maybe they too recognise that its just too late for journalism, and all they can do is mourn its death. Just another of our many public institutions destroyed by the left.

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  1. “So we’re seeing a shift away from Labour style leftism to the equally arguably more destructive leftism of the watermelons…”

    There, fixed it to my liking. Sorry I cannot muster the strength to argue why tonight. Besides, you’ve heard me before on this.

    Okay. I’ll try to be brief.

    At least the labour movement had some desire to gain something for themselves; something positive to acquire and not seeking destructive ends. And it was fed by the truth that there is a traditional tug of war between management and labour.

    The green movement very quickly moved past the often benevolent seeking of clean air and water, and into the lie by join-the-consensus-or-hit-the-road co-opting of science for their AGWF. And that is destructive to the point they embrace the nihilists in their midst. The green movement with its belief in sustainability is aiming to be the bloodiest killing religion in all of history. I’d say that makes them more destructive than the labourites.


  2. Its a bit singular here Pascal in that NZ is a small Sth Pacific Island with a media tightly controlled by the left. Anyone who isn’t part of the Progressive political block doesn’t get a job in news media. There’s no FOX. No Rush Limbaugh. As a consequence there’s no anti-socialist MPs. No John Birch Society. There are just no people out there with a viewpoint that challenges the status quo, and if there were such a person, they’d be blacklisted by NZ’s media generals.


  3. “with a media tightly controlled by the left.” It’s become pretty plain to me you speak the truth.

    “Anyone who isn’t part of the Progressive political block doesn’t get a job in news media.” Thus your title “Death Of Journalism” preceded the Green hegemony over Labour. But, as I argued about, the Green rise heralds far more deaths than that only of journalism.

    “There’s no FOX.” True. But they’ve been a false illusion IMO. Fox continues to move Leftward. That should not be a surprise that Murdoch has embraced open borders with Mexico (globalist) and, less vocally, climate change.

    “No Rush Limbaugh.” Rush would not even be where he is had he not been the first to recognize the vacuum in media for the voices of the Right. IOW, Rush filled the craving by those like me to hear SOMEONE in media speak what they’d been writing to the editor for years only to have their letters thrown in the circular file. However, Rush only went so far in what he would permit on air from those on the Right. I will never forget him shutting down a caller who was leaning in my direction “No. If I’ve said it, there’s nothing more to say.”

    “There are just no people out there with a viewpoint that challenges the status quo, and if there were such a person, they’d be blacklisted by NZ’s media generals.”

    Because of the circumstances in which you write, you are doing a better job of following the lead of Blaise Pascal than I. On my best days I did not come close to his fervor, and on most days my lack of output display what a wishful pretense is my claim. I think the wiki writeup on the Lettres Provinciales demonstrates how much closer to writing and living under his conditions are you than I.

    What I do NOT agree with that source is this opinion: “Paradoxically, the Provincial Letters were both a success and a defeat: a defeat, on the political and theological level, and a success on the moral level.” In the short term they did not succeed politically. But because of their attack on immorality of those in power, they ultimately WERE politically effective, long after Pascal had died. (His death, at 39, was too quick loss of a brilliant mind. I suspect murder or malign neglect for his treatment at the least came into play. Anonymity only buys you some time.) Pascal’s efforts were an early start in the transition from the Enlightenment period into the Age of Reason that toppled the “ancien regime.”

    Your efforts could be an early start on toppling this Postmodern Age’s era of ignorance if you continue to find your voice.


  4. “NZ media identify pretty constantly with the left, but I have noticed over the last few years, a gradual drift away from the Labour style of leftism, to the Green style of leftism.”

    Agree Red, but I think this drift has been as a result of the more general leftwards drift of NZ society. Key’s National are a long way to the left even of Lange’s Labour. The Clark years dragged Labour (through her clever use of the “rainbow” faction) irreversibly and inevitably towards the Fabian Socialist activisim of her youth. And the Greens, well where to begin. They are no longer (and haven’t been for about 30 years) about “the environment”. They are clearly a front (as a minimum a translucent one, but increasingly transparent) for Marxist communism, just using the marketing, branding and labelling of “environmentalism”.

    Let’s face it, Key is the most popular Prime Minister in New Zealand’s history by being a Blair-style “Third Way” socialist. I know this is banging an old drum, but he is Helen Clark without the bad teeth and child-scaring sneer.

    The media have moved from Labour (or labour-movement) advocation to “green” propaganda simply because they believe the labour-movement politics war has been won, and it’s time to move to the new front line.

    That’s why there’s been a huge take-up of membership of the Conservative Party. Conservatives have longed for a voice (one that isn’t tainted with the social-liberal leftism and dysfunction endemic in ACT). It’s also why you’ll never hear anything about Colin Craig of the Conservatives from the MSM.


  5. Timely commentary from Andrew Bolt (here)

    I wonder if ABC Chairman Maurice Newman (before making the very surprising statement quoted by Bolt) stopped to consider the irony of a conference on freedom of the press being hosted in Beijing?


  6. Yeah, I read that. This bit in particular needs reflection-

    “We are being coerced into yielding to self-appointed authority and into accepting without question dubious propositions that support just one side of the argument. Ad hominem attacks substitute for logical and evidence-based discourse that would otherwise allow viewers and listeners the opportunity to decide for themselves where they stand on the issues.”

    Like Q & A, which always purports to be an independent and objective analysis of current events but in reality is an engineered farce designed to discredit the right and build up the left.

    The panel is always stacked with sneering leftists/ liberals/ progressives, there is one Conservative who is pilloried and ridiculed, (and that of course is why they have him/her there) and the audience is stacked with leftists, the questions comply with left wing speech and thought codes, the moderator is a hard leftist, and the screen is flooded with grossly abusive tweets from leftist goons watching and cheering on the whole damn empty farce.

    ….and they continue to get away with this obvious and only slightly disguised deceit again and again and again.

    That the LNP won’t shut the ABC down is another measure of how gutless they are.


  7. Yep, agree Red. I imagine Newman doesn’t even sense the sypocrisy in his own words. The ABC is yet further evidence (on top of the BBC and TVNZ) that government ownership of media is merely a convenient vehicle for peddling propaganda (in much the same way as government ownership of education is a convenient way of peddling indoctrination).

    I think Menzies came the closest of all Australian PMs to an appropriate position with the ABC when he refused to be interviewed by any of their agents. He shoulda shut the joint down (or sold it off) then, but at least he refused to play their game.


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