Trougher Groser, A Rank Hypocrite With a Gross Carbon Footprint

Tim “Trougher” Groser, Minister Responsible for International Climate Change Negotiations, leaves New Zealand today to attend a climate change meeting in South Africa.

Trougher will attend informal Ministerial consultations laying further groundwork for the United Nations climate change conference in Durban in December.

“Recent climate change negotiations in Panama highlighted the challenges we will face in Durban” declares Trougher, without displaying an iota of shame. He carries breathlessly on-

“This year we’ll be working for an agreement covering at least 80% of global emissions, to give us a fighting chance of securing the level of collective ambition required to keep on track to stabilise the world’s temperature increase to two-degrees Celsius or less.”

What utter crap. These charlatans should be jailed for false pretenses. Nothing they are doing will effect global temperatures to any noticeable degree, and anyway, if it was so critical, and they all care so much, what the hell are they doing flying all over the damned world leaving giant carbon footprints wherever they go.

Rank and disgusting hypocrites and so typical of the champagne socialist ruling class that says there shall be one living standard for us and another for them.

8 thoughts on “Trougher Groser, A Rank Hypocrite With a Gross Carbon Footprint

  1. They all live like kings of the back of the productive citizenry. . . the chauffeured limos, the banqueting, the 5 star hotels, the room service


  2. I have downloaded the Kindle version of a book called The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert . It’s basically an indictment of the IPCC.

    I’ve only read about 20%, but already we find out that the “world’s top scientists” that the IPCC claim are contributors have not all been called on to participate – instead, some of the people writing the stuff for the IPCC are new graduates in their 20s. Because the IPCC is part of the UN, they are obligated to be all inclusive and politically correct, eg, a certain percentage must be females, and also representatives from every country (although some admitted they don’t know what they’re doing). But hey that doesn’t matter, as long as we are multi-cultural.

    No one knows how they are chosen, and the IPCC won’t give their names, just the country they are from. Many of those asked to contribute are from activist groups with an agenda to push (ie, Greenpeace the WWF etc), but the IPCC sees no conflict of interest.

    Also, it turns out that it’s an oft-told lie that all the references in the Climate Bible are “peer reviewed”. After an audit by the author of the book and some volunteers on her website, it turns out that only 58% of the references mentioned have been peer reviewed. The other references (around 5,500 of them) are from so-called ‘grey literature’. So, 1 in 3 references aren’t peer reviewed. After this was pointed out to them, the IPCC decided not to mark ‘grey’ footnotes at all now – so now nobody will know anyway.

    Also, some of the papers used in reports aren’t even published at all at the time.

    The whole thing is a disaster. No one even polices that the IPCC is following their own rules.
    It’s no wonder people are rapidly losing faith in them.


  3. Mann’s hockey stick turned out to be bullshit, arctic polar bear depopulation studies turned out to be bullshit, there was all of the grubby Climategate collusion’s going on . . and still the ruling class carries on with it unabated.


  4. I know we keep coming back to this point, but it’s the dereliction of duty by the media which allows this crap to happen. Helen Klark’s climate change policy was at best, going to reduce CO2 levels by 0.6 ppb, or 0.00000006 percent. I’d wager that sort of minuscule difference isn’t even measurable. The Euroweenies were big pushers of this, but they’ve got bigger (and real) problems these days.


    • Yes, the media is part of the scam. Must think of a new name for people who pretend to be journalists and pretend to be bringing us information, but who are really liars and secretly advocating for a particular political viewpoint.


  5. “Must think of a new name for people who pretend to be journalists and pretend to be bringing us information, but who are really liars and secretly advocating for a particular political viewpoint”

    Stress-testers for the local hemp rope company?


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