Censored at “No Minister”- Another Pack of “Free Speech” Frauds

This blog has never pretended to be a debating chamber where the left get as free a pass as they might get elsewhere to spout their lies and propaganda. Its made clear their rubbish is not needed. They only have to read the commenting policy in the sidebar.

Many other blogs though profess to a reverence for the principle of free speech. Such reverence is often shown to be bogus as they almost unfailingly lapse into censorship of political ideas using the totally subjective criterion of “offensiveness” as the fake but convenient reason for this censorship.

No Minister is such a typical fake “free speech” blog. I posted a comment this morning challenging The Veteran’s assertion that he was a Tory, and lamenting the fact that if only he had a skerrick of Toryism in him, he might amount to something.

The comment has been deleted and the Veteran, in the kind of euphemistic terms the left love, has “red carded” me. (an action that’s drawn applause from the usual collection of jelly backed pompous and insufferable amoebas)

Its a measure of how deeply embedded the communist mindset is in the average NZer when someone who once fought against the communists on a real battlefield, is now completely and unknowingly besotted by that ideology as it has slowly seeped into NZ politics.

The Veteran and his National Party colleagues have collapsed again and again and again to the Reds in NZ, and have given them beachheads and footholds on our culture, and never once, when in power, have they taken any of those beach heads or foot holds back.

The Veteran, once a fighter, is now just another appeaser of the left, and completely useless in the ideological battle. He’s no Tory. Never has been and never will be. He’s unknowingly become just another wet liberal aiding and abetting in dragging NZ into the Progressive chasm. Like all of the posters on No Minister. (except for Milt, who is at least true to his own extreme left cause)

Readers, we must continue to call out the fake right wingers. In their lame submission to so many of the left’s political directives, they are the one’s most to blame for the West’s current domination by the forces of evil.

No Minister’s fawning National Party acolytes exist as a living testament to the truth of the old adage- “if you don’t fight, you lose”.

6 thoughts on “Censored at “No Minister”- Another Pack of “Free Speech” Frauds

  1. I’ve given up reading their inane drivel to be honest. They’re no better than the scum at the (sub)standard or keyweeblog in terms of the fawning, felching nonsense they publish, and any comment that doesn’t fit with the meme is either deleted or the author is reprimanded.

    Fuck ’em. There are plenty of places on the web where honest commentary isn’t vilified.


  2. Those bozos didn’t even know what the National Party’s founding principles were . . correction, those bozos didn’t even know the National Party even had a founding set of principles.


  3. No minister has gone the same way as Kiwiblog as far as I’m concerned with their unquestioning support for National. They also deleted a non offensive comment made by me………and have been deleted from the sites I visit. I’m sure Adolf will cheer.


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