World Cup Win to NZ- Now To Clean Out The IRB

Congratulations to NZ on winning the cup. I’m glad for the All Blacks and I’m glad for Richie McCaw, one of the greatest rugby players of all time.

The shame is that the game of rugby has gone. It went away more than a few years ago, when the IRB began messing with the rules and changed rugby from a game with two hard playing opposing teams to a stage managed farce where the referee allocates points on the basis of murky decisions and penalties arising from those decisons.

As it was in last night’s game where the All Blacks were awarded a doubtful penalty that ended up winning them the match.

The IRB have wrecked rugby and they deserve to be held accountable. There are four years until the next cup and that’s adequate time to put things right. I’d start by firing all members of the IRB and the NZRB on the basis that they are those most responsible for turning rugby, and especially the RWC tournament into a farce that was decided almost entirely on the basis of whether or not a team had a classy and effective goal kicker.

With penalties for dubious referee calls making for a win or a lose, if a team didn’t have a goal kicker they were never going to win. That is not rugby.

I’ve been a harsh critic of referees (and one in particular), but the real problem is not referees, its rules that are subject to any number of different interpretations from any particular referee at any particular time.

One thing that has so obviously been wrong for so long is the referees shouting at the players. Name one other game where this occurs, where the umpires instruct the players on what to do? You can’t. It doesn’t happen in any other games and it shouldn’t happen in rugby, and that it does shows the utter incompetence of present management.

Not good enough. Rugby is a professional sport. The players are professional and held to high standards. Its time the IRB management were held to similar standards. The management incumbents have failed miserably and ruined the sport. Time for them all to go, and for a complete overhaul of the rules to make the game less affected by the personal judgments of referees.

Start now so things are fixed in time for the next RWC, and it isn’t the same kind of farce that this one was.

2 thoughts on “World Cup Win to NZ- Now To Clean Out The IRB

  1. Cheer up……at least it wasn’t decided by a disgraceful 3 point field goal.

    The only way you get ‘complete’ reffing is by adding a continuous TV ref all the same American Football. It may be a revelation.
    There ‘s too many illegalities going on in each and every ruck / contest for the tackled ball, any ref picking one out five is up against it, fairness wise.

    It’s technology or you’re cutting bait.


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