OWS Assaults Capitalism- Real Problem is Socialist Cronyism

OWS protesters stand mainly as an example of how corrupt the education system is. The “occupiers” are ignorant half educated brainwashed fools who basically embody Stalin’s description of his helpers in the west as “useful idiots”.

These useful idiots hate the banks, but for the completely wrong reasons. Banks today in the main do not embrace capitalism, they’re busy cultivating government private sector partnerships (fascism) and other forms of cronyism. I read a good article today by Tim Carney in the Washington Examiner that nutshells the real problems in a way that few commenters so far have managed to do-

So banks profit largely through activities that do not create value or efficiencies. They profit through financial games that rest on government favors. Many Occupy Wall Street protestors demonize all profit. Conservatives defend profit-seeking as the engine that creates prosperity for all of society.

But the big banks have rigged the game so that they profit without creating value. In fact, they profit from activities that weaken the economy by creating instability.

Today, big banks give capitalism a bad name. Believers in the free market should stop giving banks cover.

All sides should agree: down with the Big Banks.

2 thoughts on “OWS Assaults Capitalism- Real Problem is Socialist Cronyism

  1. Fix up derivative markets and you fix up the Institutions.

    Fractional banking means banks literally create money out of thin air.
    Not one in a hundred punters understands how that works.
    They are often in deep shock when they do.


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