Libertarianz- Telephone Box Party Splits

The NZ Libertarian Party of course is not a real Libertarian Party. Its been taken over by a clique of tyrannical and controlling mainly left wing Objectivists, who demand strict adherence to the writings of the deranged old Russian cougar Ayn Rand.

Such strict adherence means there is no room in the party for anyone with any kind of attachment to Christianity.

Lindsay Mitchell has a post on a split in the NZ Libertarianz, with a couple of long time supporters jumping ship. That telephone box the party uses for meetings is going to look pretty spacious now.

Ridiculous that a once moderately successful political party has been turned into a tiny ranting and raving political cult by its present dictatorial “leaders”. Too cowardly to admit that they have brought the party to its knees, those “leaders” continue to lord it over a group of jelly fish like acolytes, too spineless, mindless and indoctrinated to shrug them off.

Why can’t the Objectivists, if they want to enforce such a strict ideology, form their own cult, and stop poisoning the Libertarianz?

Lindsay Mitchell Post- New Link.

5 thoughts on “Libertarianz- Telephone Box Party Splits

  1. They’re all just a sub-group under the progressive umbrella as far as I’m concerned. What absolutely astonishes me is that they have one iota of concern or embarrassment about their woeful levels of electoral support. I doubt they’d have anywhere like 1000 members these days.


  2. I very much doubt if Libertarianz would have anything like 1000 members. I think they got less than 1200 votes.


  3. I was thinking the same, Chuck. I looked online but I don’t think party membership numbers are published anywhere, which is a real shame because I think people would be surprised at just how few kiwis participate in the political process.


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